Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

Our policy is very simple and straight-forward.  Any personal information that is gathered will not be disclosed, sold, revealed, or traded to anyone for any purpose at any time. We do not buy mailing lists and we definitely do not sell or share ours. Your privacy is safe with us.

Extended Policy

Due to the nature of Homeowners Associations we are collecting, saving and archiving many types of information regarding the members of the HOA. We do not store payment information like credit cards or bank account info. The only personal information we store includes that which you enter when you register like phone number and email address.  We treat this information as private. At no time do we make public any information about a homeowner with the single exception of owners that have reached a level of delinquency that requires a lien be placed on their property in which case a lien may be recorded with the county.


Our site makes limited use of cookies for the sole purpose of making return visits easier. If you wish to make logging into the site on return visits easier simply check the "remember me" check box below the login area. Passwords are not saved in cookies.

Your Computer Information

We collect limited information about the version and type of web browser and operating system you use for the sole purpose of improving the quality of our site and making it as compatible with as many different types of systems as possible. No personal information is gathered and the information we do gather is done without special software, spyware or adware. If you have any questions or concerns about this please don't hesitate to contact us.

Server Storage and Disaster Recovery

Our website and our management tools use the latest technology. The database and the website application are hosted by a professionally managed and secure server farm. They guarantee us an annual uptime of 99.98% (that's 1.752 hours possible downtime a year).

We backup our public database to an offsite system every 24 hours. The website application is published from our Information Manager's business servers and is managed by source control software. In the event of a natural disaster that takes out our public server, we can be back online within hours and at most our data will only be 24 hours out of date.