Declaration of Protective Covenants for Westview Meadow Community Organization 
(With Restrictions and Easements)
Grantor: Schneider Homes, Inc.
Grantee: Plat of Westview Meadow
Abbreviated Description: Plat of Westview Meadow, Vol 277 pages 059 to 064 Situate in King County, Washington
Assessor's Account Numbers; 192205-9267: 192205-9165: 192205-9375
WHEREAS, SCHNEIDER HOMES, INC., a corporation (herein to as Declarant), is the Owner of all of the lots and real property contained in the plat of Westview Meadow, according to the plat thereof recorded under recording no. 20170411000457 Volume 277 of Plats, pages 059 through 064 in King County, Washington. Declarant desires to establish a plan of private subdivision for all of the real property in the plat together with other lands which may be made subject hereto as herein provided and in order to provide for land use restrictions, protective covenants, maintenance of open spaces and other rights as a part of such plan.
NOW THEREFORE, Declarant hereby declares and establishes the following restrictions, covenants, conditions, rights and easements appurtenant:
Section 1. Definitions.
Section 1. Use.
Section 2. Improvements.
Section 3. Animals.
Section 4. Signs.
Section 5. Maintenance of Lots.
Section 6. Businesses.
Section 7. Storage and Vehicles.
Section 8. Firearms.
Section 9. Clothes Drying.
Section 10. Nuisances.
Section 1. The Committee.
Section 2. Submission of Plans.
Section 3. Standards.
Section 4. Approval or Disapproval.
Section 5. Advisors.
Section 6. Variations.
Section 1. Initial Landscaping.
Section 2. Landscape Maintenance.
Section 1. Intent.
Section 2. Public Storm Drainage Tract; Landscape Maintenance Easement.
Section 3. Private Access and Utility Easement.
Section 4. Private Storm Drainage Easements.
Section 5. Community Organization Private Storm Drainage Easements.
Section 6. Street Lighting System.
Section 7. Maintenance of Facilities.
Section 1. Community Organization Membership.
Section 2. Lien.
Section 3. Duties of the Community Organization.
Section 1. Effect.
Section 2. Severability.
Section 3. Enforcement.
Section 1. By Declarant.
Section 2. By Members.
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    Recorded: 2017-05-01  20170501000253 

  2. 1st Amendment
    Recorded: 2020-12-29  20201229001531
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