THIS DECLARATION AND COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS FOR WESTRDIGE ("Declaration") is made on the date hereinafter set forth by WESTRIDGE AUBURN, LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company ("Declarant"), who is the owner of certain land situated in the State of Washington, County of King, known as Westridge Auburn (hereinafter referred to as "Westridge Auburn"), which is more particularly described in Exhibit "A" attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. In order to ensure preservation of the residential environment at Westridge Auburn, Declarant agrees and covenants that all !and and improvements now existing or hereafter constructed thereon shall be held, sold, conveyed subject to, and burdened by the following covenants, conditions, restrictions, reservations, limitations, liens and easements, all of which are for the purpose of enhancing and protecting the value, desirability and attractiveness of such lands for the benefit of all of such lands and the owners thereof and their heirs, successors, grantees and assigns. All provisions of this Declaration shall be binding upon all parties thereof and shall inure to the benefit of each owner thereof and to the benefit of the Westridge Auburn Homeowners Association and shall otherwise in all respects be regarded as covenants running with the land.
Section 1. Management by Declarant. "Development Period"
Section 2. Initial Board.
Section 3. Notice to Owners.
Section 4. Management of Properties During Development Period
Section 5. Purpose of Development Period.
Section 6. Expenditures During Development Period.
Section 1. Easements for Utilities.
Section 2. Private Drainage Easement Covenant.
Section 3. City of Auburn Public Easement Provision. All Public Storm Drainage Easements
Section 4. Public Water and Sewer Easements.
Section 5. Sensitive Area Tract and Easement.
Section 6. Miscellaneous Easements and Restrictions.
Section 7. Access Easements.
Section 1. Conveyance of Common Areas.
Section 2. Common Maintenance Areas.
Section 3. Alteration of the Common Areas and Common Maintenance Areas.
Section 4. Dumping in Common Areas and Common Maintenance Areas.
Section 1. Public Storm Drainage Tract.
Section 2. Sensitive Area Tract.
Section 3. Open Space Tracts.
Section 4. Private Access and Utility Tract.
Section 1. Responsibility for Maintaining Common Maintenance Areas.
Section 2. Repair of Common Maintenance Areas. 
Section 3. Management.
Section 1. Creation of Lien and Personal Obligation.
Section 2. Purpose of Assessments.
Section 3. Annual Assessment.
Section 4. Computation.
Section 5. Revised Budget.
Section 6. Special Assessments for Capital Improvements.
Section 7. Special Assessments for Legal Fees and Damages.
Section 8. Uniform Rate of Assessment.
Section 9. Date of Commencement of Annual Assessment; Due Dates.
Section 10. Effect of Non-Payment of Assessments; Remedies of the Association.
Section 11. Subordination of the Lien to Mortgage.
Section 12. Exempt Property.
Section 13. Budget Deficits During Declarant Control.
Section 14. Start-Up Fee.
Section 1. Exterior Maintenance by Owner.
Section 2. Lot Maintenance by the Association.
Section 1. Non-Profit Corporation.
Section 2. Membership.
Section 3. Voting Rights.
Section 4. Meetings.
Section 1. Enforcement of Declaration.
Section 2. Board of Directors.
Section 3. Powers of the Board.
Section 1. Architectural Control Committee ("Committee").
Section 2. Jurisdiction and Purpose.
Section 3. Membership.
Section 4. Designation of a Representative.
Section 5. Voting. 
Section 6. Submission of Plans and Specs.
Section 7. Plan Check Fee.
Section 8. Evaluating Development Proposals.
Section 9. Exclusions.
Section 10. Approval Procedures.
Section 11. Compliance with Codes.
Section 12. Variation.
Section 13. Enforcement.
Section 1. Residential Restrictions.
Section 2. Property Use Restrictions.
Section 3. Prohibition of Nuisances and Untidy Conditions.
Section 4. Business.
Section 5. Temporary Structures for Residential Purposes.
Section 6. Mining.
Section 7. Animals.
Section 8. Garbage and Refuse.
Section 9. Rental and Leasing.
Section 10. Parking of Vehicles; Storage of Goods; Equipment or Devices.
Section 11. Plans and Specifications Must be Approved. 
Section 12. Exterior Colors.
Section 13. Protection of Trees.
Section 14. Fences.
Section 15. Dog Runs and Enclosures. 
Section 16. Accessory Structures.
Section 17. Signs.
Section 18. Swimming Pools.
Section 19. Utilities and Satellite Dishes.
Section 20. Gardens, Play Equipment, Sport Courts, Pools, Spas and Basketball Standards. 
Section 21. Decks and Patios.
Section 22. Holiday Displays and other Exterior Adornments.
Section 23. Flaq and Flaq Poles.
Section 24. Permits.
Section 25. Codes.
Section 26. Entry for Inspection.
Section 27. Contractor.
Section 28. Fines.
Section 29. Construction and Sale Period.
Section 1. Covenants Running with the Land.
Section 2. Amendment of Declaration.
Section 3. Enforcement.
Section 4. Attorney's Fees.
Section 5. Successors and Assigns..
Section 6. Severability.
Section 7. Rule Against Perpetuities.
Section 8. Other Parcels Will be Governed by Declaration.
Section 9. Failure of Board to Insist on Strict Performance No Waiver.
Section 10. Limitation of Liability.
Section 11. Indemnification.