THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED Declaration pertains to and restates the Declaration of Protective Covenants for the Lake at Winterwood Community Organization (the "Community Organization"), recorded on September 14, 1988 under King County, Washington Auditor's File No. 8809140037, and the Notice of Amendment to Declaration of Protective Covenants recorded on December 10, 2010 under King County, Washington Auditor's File No. 20101210000621, and all supplements and amendments thereto. This Amended and Restated Declaration restates the original Declaration and the Notice of Amendment provisions so there is one Declaration document containing all provisions, for easy reference and application by Owners and the Board of Directors. This Amended and Restated Declaration is substituted for and supersedes entirely the original Declaration and the Notice of Amendment documents, effective as of the date this instrument is recorded.
WHEREAS, THE LAKE AT WINTERWOOD COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION, a nonprofit corporation (herein referred to as Declarant), is the owner of the real property identified as Tract A, B, and C platted as The Lake At Winterwood, according to the plat thereof recorded at Volume (142) of plats, pages (491 to (52), under Recording No. (8808160996) in King County, Washington, responsible for the administration and enforcing the protective covenants governing the use of the property in the development. In order to provide for such plan, Declarant does hereby declare and establish the following restrictions, covenants and easements appurtenant:
Section 1. Improvements
Section 2. Animals
Section 3. Signs
Section 4. Nuisances
Section 5. Businesses
Section 6. Storage
Section 7. Firearms and Related Activity
Section 8. Clothes Drying Area
Section 9. Rental
Section 10. General Appearance and Landscaping of Property
Section 1. The Committee
Section 2. Submission of Plans
Section 3. Standards
Section 4. Approval or Disapproval
Section 5. Advisors
Section 6. Variations
Section 1. Open Space
Section 1. Community Organization Membership
Section 2. Lien
Section 1. Facilities
Section 2. Maintenance
Section 3. Lot Light
Section 1. Effect
Section 2. Severability
Section 3. Enforcement
Section 1. Amendment of Use Restrictions