2.1 Subsequent Development
2.2 Consent to Adding or Subtracting Properties
2.3 Rights and Obligations
2.4 No Requirement to Include Additional Properties
2.5 Control
2.6 Dedication to Governmental Entities
3.1 Formation
3.2 Development Period
3.3 Board of Directors
3.4 Delegation to Manager
3.5 Duties and Powers of Association
(a) Purposes
(b) Operating Costs
(c) Rules and Regulations
3.6 Priorities and Inconsistencies
3.7 Membership
3.8 Transfer
3.9 Voting Rights
(a) Voting Rights
(b) Classes of Membership
i. Class A
ii. Class B
(c) Co-Owners
(d) Proxies
3.10 Rules and Regulations
4.1 Creation of the Lien and Personal Obligation of Assessments
4.2 Liability for Assessments
4.3 General Assessments
(a) Association Budget
(b) Levy of General Assessment
(c) Initial Assessment
(d) Amount of General Assessment
(e) Assessment Period
4.4 Capital Improvement Assessments
(a) Capital Improvement Work
(b) Special Facilities
4.5 Special Assessments
4.6 Intentionally Omitted
4.7 Accounts
4.8 Waiver of Homestead or exemption Rights Under Law
4.9 Records and Financial Statements
4.10 Certificate of Assessment
4.11 Contribution to Working Capital Fund
5.1 Delinquency
5.2 Lien and Notice of Lien
5.3 Foreclosure and Sale
5.4 Curing the Default
5.5 Cumulative Remedies
5.7 Exempt Property
5.8 Rights of Board — Waiver of Lot Owners
6.1 Easements
(a) Access
(b) Maintenance and Repair
(c) Utility Easements
(d) Walkways and Driveways
(e) Landscaping Maintenance Easement
(f) The Declarant
(g) Association's Authority to Grant Easements
6.2 Right of Entry
7.1 Repair and Maintenance Duties of the Association
7.2 Intentionally Omitted
7.3 Intentionally Omitted
8.1 Association Control
(a) Limits
(b) Rules
(c) Borrowings
(d) Voting Rights
(e) Reconstruction
(f) Replacement
8.2 Reserved Rights
8.3 Easements for City and County Use
8.4 Waiver of Use
8.5 Trash and Other Debris
8.6 Fires
8.7 Taxes
8.8 Permissive Use
9.1 Committee
9.2 Residential Development
9.3 Guidelines
9.4 Liability
9.5 Appeals
10.1 Approval of Plans Required
(a) Plan Submission and Approval
(b) Contents of Plans
(c) Requirements
10.2 Basis for Approval
(a) Restrictions
(b) Information
(c) Code Compliance
(d) Guidelines
(e) Incompatibility
(f) Landscaping
(g) Design
(h) Parking
(i) Other
10.3 Result of Inaction
10.4 Variances
10.5 Approval
10.6 Proceeding with Work
10.7 Completion of Work
10.8 Committee and Declarant Not Liable
10.9 Compliance with Codes/Environmental Laws
10.10 Construction Without Approval
11.1 Prohibited Uses
(a) Single Family Residence
(b) Nuisance
(c) Other Items
(d) Animals
(e) Parking
(f) Construction
(g) Fences
(h) Lighting
(i) Yard Art
11.2 Condition of Property
11.3 Nuisances; Hazardous Activities
11.4 Unsightly Conditions
11.5 Storage
11.6 Machinery and Equipment
11.7 Signs
11.8 Grounds; Maintenance of Grounds
(a) Parking and Other Areas
(b) Lighting
(c) Landscaping
(d) Drainage
(e) Hillsides and Other
11.9 Remedies for Failure to Maintain and Repair.
(a) Remedies
(b) Nonexclusive Remedy
11.10 Refuse; Storage Areas
11.11 Utility Lines and Facilities and Satellite Dishes
11.12 Mechanical Equipment; Vehicles
11.13 Mineral Exploration
11.14 Occupants
12.1 Restoration of Common Areas
12.2 Restoration Obligations of Owners
12.3 Condemnation
13.1 Mortgagee Provisions
14.1 Duration
14.2 Amendment
(a) Lien Rights
(b) Assessments
(c) Cancellation
(d) Mortgagees
14.3 Amendments and Modifications by Declarant
15.1 Limitation of Liability
16.1 Insurance
16.2 Casualty Losses
ARTICLE 17. Intentionally Omitted
ARTICLE 18. Intentionally Omitted
19.1 Legal Proceedings
19.2 Arbitration
19.3 Special Declarant Provisions
(a) Arbitration
(b) Amendments
19.4 Severability
19.5 Interpretation
19.6 Construction and Sales by Declarant
19.7 Owner Liability and Duty
19.8 Association Waiver
19.9 No Public Right or Dedication
19.10 Indemnification
19.11 Access to Lots
19.12 No Third Party Rights
19.13 Notices