Filed on September 18th, 1997

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that the undersigned for purposes of forming a corporation under Tide 24, Revised Code of Washington, relating to nonprofit corporations, does make, subscribe, execute and adopt, in triplicate, the following Articles of Incorporation, and certify as follows:

The name of the corporation shall be: VINTAGE HILLS HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION. (Also known as The Ridge at Willow Park)

The purposes for which this corporation is formed are:
1. To possess, construct, improve, develop, repair, maintain, operate, care for and/or dispose of playgrounds, open spaces and recreational areas, community buildings, community clubhouses, and in general community facilities appropriate for the use and benefit of its members and owners of and/or for the improvement and development of the property hereinafter referred to.

2. To care for any lots and plots in said property, to kill, destroy and/or remove from any of said lots and plots grass, weeds, rodents, predatory animals and any unsightly or obnoxious thing; and to take any action with reference to such lots and plots as may be necessary or desirable in the opinion of the board of directors of said corporation, to keep the property clean and in good order, to make and collect charges therefor.

3. So far as it can legally do so, to grant franchises, rights of way and easements for public utilities or other purposes upon, over and/or under any of said property.

4. To keep records of building permits and/or other approvals or disapprovals made or issued by said corporation; to keep books and records showing all charges, levies, and assessments made to; to furnish certified copies of any record which the Board of Directors may authorize to be furnished; to issue certificates of completion and compliance covering respective parcels of property upon which buildings, structures and/or other improvements have been erected or made, all as provided in the restrictions, conditions and covenants affecting said property or portions thereof; and to make and collect charges covering the cost and expense of such acts.

5 To enforce liens, charges, restrictions, conditions and covenants existing upon and/or created for the benefit of parcels of real property over which said corporation has jurisdiction and to which said parcels may be subject to the extent that said corporation has the legal right to enforce the same, and to pay all expenses incidental thereto.

6. To pay any taxes and assessments which may be levied by any public authority upon any of the said property now or hereafter used or set apart for parks, parkways, playgrounds, open areas, community club buildings, places of amusement and/or recreation areas, or upon such other recreation spaces wherever situate, as may be maintained for the general benefit and use of the owners or purchasers of lots in said property; to pay any taxes and assessments levied by any public authority upon improvements upon any of said property or areas so used or set apart or maintained, and whether taxed or assessed as a part of said property or area or separately; and to pay any taxes or assessments levied by any public authority upon any property which may be held in trust for said corporation.

7. To exercise such powers of control, interpretation, construction, consent, decision, determination, modification, amendment, cancellation, annulment and/or enforcement of covenants, reservations, restrictions, liens and charges imposed upon said property, and as may be vested in, delegated to or assigned to said corporation and such duties with respect thereto as may be assigned to and assumed by said corporation.

8. To approve and/or disapprove, as provided by restrictions, conditions and covenants affecting said property, plans and specifications for and/or location of plantings, fences, walls, poles, buildings and/or structures to be erected or maintained upon said property or any portion thereof; to approve or disapprove the kind, shape, height, and materials for same and/or the plan indicating the location thereof or their respective building sites and such grading plans as may be required, and to issue permits for the same; to pay any and all expenses and charges in connection with the performance of any of said powers or the carrying out of any of said purposes; to supervise construction of any buildings or structures to the extent deemed necessary by the board of directors, and to establish rules therefor.

9. To regulate and/or prohibit the erection, posting, pasting or displaying upon any of said property billboards and/or signs of all kinds and character, and to remove and/or destroy any such billboards or signs erected or maintained upon said property without the authority of said corporation as provided in such restrictions, conditions and covenants, as may affect said property or any portion thereof.

10. To fix, establish, levy, and collect annually such charges and/or assessments as may be necessary, in the judgment of the board of directors to carry out any or all of the purposes for which this corporation is formed.

11. To expend the moneys collected by said corporation from assessments and charges and other sums received for the payment and discharge of costs, expenses and obligations incurred by said corporation in carrying out any or all the purposes for which said corporation is formed.

12. Generally, to do any and all lawful things which may be advisable, proper, authorized andior permitted to be done by said corporation under or by virtue of any restrictions, conditions and/or covenants or laws affecting said property or any portion thereof (including areas now or hereafter dedicated to public use); and to do and perform any and all acts which may be either necessary for, or incidental to the exercise of any of the foregoing powers or for the peace, health, comfort, safety and/or general welfare of purchasers or owners of said property, or portions thereof, or residents thereon.

13. To borrow money and mortgage, pledge or hypothecate any or all of the real or personal property of said corporation as security for money borrowed or debts incurred; and to do any and all things that a corporation organized under said laws of the State of Washington may lawfully do when operating for the benefit of its members or the purchasers or owners of property hereinafter referred to, and without profit to said corporation.

14. Generally, to do and perform any and alI acts which may be either necessary' or proper for or incidental to the exercise of any of the foregoing powers and such powers granted by the provisions of Title 24, Revised Code of Washington and other laws of the State of Washington relating to non-profit corporations.

15. Nothing contained in these Articles of Incorporation shall be construed as authorizing or permitting said corporation to own, manage or operate any real or personal property for profit. It is the intention and purpose that the business of said corporation shall not be carried on for profit either to itself or for the benefit of its members, and wherever it is authorized to collect charges or assessments it shall have no power or authority to use said charges or assessments except as necessary to cover the actual cost or expense of the act, duty, power or transaction performed.

16. To have one or more offices at such place or places, either within or without the State of Washington as the board of directors may from time to time determine or the business of the corporation require.
AU of the foregoing purposes and powers are to be exercised and carried into effect for the purpose of doing, serving, and applying the things above set forth for the benefit of all property, including, but without in any way limiting the foregoing, any portion or portions of the following described property, situated in King County, Washington, which is, or shall become so subject to the jurisdiction of said corporation:
The Southeast quarter of Section 4, Township 21 North, Range 5 East, W.M., in King County, Washington.

This corporation shall at all times hereafter be a joint and mutual association of the above named incorporators and such other persons as may hereafter be admitted to membership in accordance with the By-Laws of the corporation.

The number of directors of this corporation shall not be less than two (2) nor more than five (5). The names of the directors who shall manage the affairs of the corporation for not less than nine (9) months nor more than eighteen (18) months until the directors are elected by the members are:

William H. Finkbeiner 12011 Bel-Red Rd. 4206, Bellevue, WA 98005-2401
Michael J. Heavey 12011 Bel-Red Rd. #206, Bellevue, WA 98005-2401
Rick Lawton 16016 118th Place NE, Bothell, WA 98011

The above are the names and addresses of the directors of the association.

The time of existence of this corporation shall be perpetual.

The registered office and post office address of this corporation shall be 12011 Bel-Red Road, Suite 206, Bellevue, WA 98005-2401.

The name of the initial registered agent at the same address shall be Finkbeiner Development, Inc., a Washington corporation.

The qualifications of the members of said corporation, the property, voting and other rights and privileges, and the liabilities to charges and assessments of the members shall be as set forth in the By-Laws of the corporation.

The name and address of the incorporator is Finkbeiner Development, Inc. a Washington corporation, 12011 Bel-Red Road, Suite 206, Bellevue, WA 98005-2401.

The association may be dissolved with the assent given in writing and signed by not less than seventy-five per cent (75%) of each class of members. Upon dissolution of the association, other than incident to a merger or consolidation, the assets of the association shall be dedicated to an appropriate public agency to be used for purposes similar to those for which this association was created, in the event that such dedication is refused acceptance, such assets shall be granted, conveyed and assigned to any nonprofit corporation, association, trust or other organization to be voted to such similar purposes.

In witness whereof, the undersigned incorporator has executed this declaration this 18th day of September, 1997.

A Washington Corporation

William H. Finkbeiner
It’s President

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