In compliance with the requirements of Revised Code of Washington 24.03 the undersigned, all of whom are residents of Washington and all of whom are of full age, have this dag voluntarily associated themselves together for the purpose of forming a corporation not for profit and do hereby certify:
The name of the corporation is Riverpark Estates Homeowners Association, hereafter called “the Association".
The principal office of the Association is located at 3402 'C' St. N.E., Suite #101: Auburn, Washington 98002.
David M. Young whose address is 3402 'C' St. N.E., #101, Auburn Washington 98002, is hereby appointed the initial registered agent of this Association, and the registered office shall be 3204 Auburn Way North; Auburn, Washington 98002 .
This Association does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof, and the specific purposes for which it is formed are to provide for maintenance, preservation and architectural of the residence lots and Common Area within that certain tract of property described as:
RIVERPARK ESTATES, a portion of the North ½ of the Southeast Section 6, Township 21 North, Range 5 East, W.M., City of Auburn, King County, Washington.
and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents within the above described property and any additions thereto as may hereafter he brought within the jurisdiction of this Association for this purpose to:
(a) exercise all of the powers and privileges and to Perform all of the duties and obligations of the Association as set forth in that certain Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, hereinafter called the "Declaration", applicable to the property and recorded or to be recorded in the Office of King County Office of Records and Elections and as the same may be amended from time to time as therein provided, said Declaration being incorporated herein as if set forth at length;
(b) fix, levy, collect and enforce payment by any lawful means, all charges of assessments pursuant to the terms of the Declaration; to pay all expenses in connection therewith and all office and other expenses incident to the conduct of the business of the Association, including all licenses, taxes or governmental charges levied or imposed against the property of the Association;
(c) acquire (by gift, purchase or otherwise) , own, hold, improve, build upon, operate, maintain, convey, sell, lease, transfer, dedicate for public use or otherwise dispose of real or personal property in connection with the affairs of the Association;
(d) borrow money, and with the assent of two-thirds (2/3) of each class of members mortgage, pledge, deed in trust, or hypothecate any or all of its real or personal property as security for money borrowed or debts incurred:
(e) dedicate, sell or transfer all or any part of the Common Area to any public agency, authority, or utility for such purposes and subject to such conditions as may be agreed to by the members. No such dedication or transfer shall be effective unless an instrument has been signed by two-thirds 2/3) of each class of members, agreeing to such dedication, sale or transfer;
(f) participate in mergers and consolidations with other nonprofit corporations organized for the same purposes or annex additional residential property and Common Area, provided that any such merger, consolidation or annexation shall have the assent of two-thirds (2/3) of each class of members; '
(g) have and to exercise any and all powers, rights and privileges which a corporation organizes under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of Washington by law may now or hereafter have or exercise.
This Association shall commence business with two classes of members, Class A members and Class B members. Class A members shall he individuals or entities owning a fee or undivided fee interest in any lot which is subject by covenant of record to assessment by the association. The members' voting rights shall be limited as hereinafter provided in Article VI. Class B members shall consist of LLM. Young Construction Company, Inc, and for its successors and assigns, provided said successors or assigns acquire more than one undivided lot from DJJ. Young Construction Compnay, Inc. for the purpose of development. The voting rights of the Class B member shall he as designated in Article VI. Except as provided for in Article VI herein, and as provided for under this Article V, the qualifications and rights of the members of each class may be established by the By-Laws. Persons holding merely a security interest in the lots shall not he members; including, but not limited to contract sellers, beneficiaries of Deeds of Trust, mortgagees and/or lienholders.
The Association shall have two classes of voting membership:
Class A. Class A members shall be all Owners, with the exception of the Declarant, and shall be entitled to one vote for each lot owned when more than one person holds an interest in any Lot, all such person shall be members. The vote for such Lot shall he exercised as they determine, but in no event shall more than one vote be east with respect to any Lot.
Class B. The Class B members shall be the Declarant (as defined) in the Declaration), and shall be entitled to three (3) votes for each
Lot owned. The Class’ B membership shall cease and be converted to Class A membership on the happening of either of the following events whichever occurs earlier:
(a) When the total votes outstanding in the class A membership equal the total votes outstanding in the Class B membership; or on January l. M84 whichever occurs first.
The affairs of this Association shall he managed by a Board of nine [9] Directors, who need not he members of the Association. The number of directors may be changed by amendment of the By°-Laws of the Association. Until the first annual meeting, the affairs of- the Association shall be managed by an interim Board of two (2) Directors. The names and addresses of the person who are to act in the capacity of directors until the election of their successors are:
David M. Young 1811 Duvall Avenue N.E. Renton, Washington 98056
Jimmy J. Harkey 3402 'C' Street N.E., #101 Auburn, Washington 98002
At the first annual meeting the miners shall elect three directors for a term of one gear, three directors for a term of two gears and three directors for a term of three years; and at each annual meeting thereafter the members shall elect three directors for a term of three years.
The Association may he dissolved with the assent given in writing and signed by not less than two-thirds (US) of each class of members. Upon dissolution of the Association, other than incident to a merger or consolidation, the assets of the association shall be dedicated to an appropriate public agency to be used for purposes similar to those for which this Association was created. In the event that such dedication is refused acceptance, such assets shall be granted, conveyed and assigned to any nonprofit corporation, association, trust or other organization to be devoted to such similar purposes.
The corporation shall exist perpetually.
Amendment to these Articles shall require the assent of 75 percent (75%) of the entire membership.
As long as there is a Class B membership, the following actions will require the prior approval of the Federal Housing Administration or the Veterans Administration: Annexation of additional Properties,
mergers and consolidation, mortgaging of Common Area, dedication of Common Area, dissolution and amendment of these Articles.
The name and address of the incorporator is:
David M. Young 1811 Duval Avenue N.E. Benton, Washington 98056
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, for the purposes of forming this corporation under the laws of the s\State of Washington, I. the undersigned, constituting the incorporator of this Association, have executed these Articles of Incorporation this 29th day of September , 1982.
STATE OF WASHINGTON ) ) ss. County of King )
This is to Certify that on this 29th day of September, 1982, there appeared personally before me, David M. Young, to me personally known to be the person described in and who executed the foregoing Articles of Incorporation, and did acknowledge and declare to me that he executed the sane freely and voluntarily for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.
In witness Whereof, I have here unto set my hand and official seal, the day and year first written above.