The undersigned, acting as incorporator of a corporation under the Washington Non-Profit Corporation Act adopts the following Articles of Incorporation for the corporation:
Name. The name of this corporation shall be LAKE MERIDIAN VILLAGE HOME OWNERS' ASSOCIATION.
Duration. The duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.
Purposes. The purpose for which the corporation is organized is to provide an entity pursuant to the Horizontal Property Regimes Act (Chapter 64.32 RCW), hereinafter called the "Condominium Statute," for the operation of Lake Meridian Village, a condominium located in Kent, Washington and to engage in all such activities as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the corporation and all activities which are permitted to be done by a non-profit corporation under any laws that may now or hereafter be applicable or available to this corporation. The powers of this corporation shall be subject to and shall be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Declaration and Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Reservations for Lake Meridian Village, a condominium filed with the Auditor of King County, Washington under file No.7704200595, as it may, from time to time, be amended, hereinafter referred to as the "Declaration."
Dissolution. On dissolution or final liquidation of the corporation, the assets of the corporation shall be distributed among the members of the corporation in accordance with the declaration and the condominium statute.
Members. The corporation shall have one class of members, which shall consist of the owners of the individual units of Lake Meridian Village Condominiums.
Registered Office and Agent. The address of the initial registered office of this corporation is  311 Morris Ave.  South, Renton, Wa. 98055 and the name of its initial registered agent at such address is Kameron C. Cayce.
Directors. The number of directors of this corporation shall be fixed by the By-Laws and may be increased or decreased from time to time in the manner specified therein. The initial Board of Directors shall consist of three directors. The names and addresses of the persons who shall serve as directors until the first meeting of the members and until their successors are elected and qualify, unless they resign or are removed, are:
Thomas A. Kassens, 13712 S.E. 256th Place, Kent, Wa. 98031
Horace J. Brown, 13716 S.E. 256th Place, Kent, Wa. 98031
T. J. Burke, 13711 S.E. 256th Place, Kent, Wa. 98031
Indemnification. To the full extent permitted by the Washington Non-Profit Corporation Act, each member of the Board of Directors, each member of a corporation committee, each officer of the corporation, the declarant who filed the declaration, and the managing agent of Lake Meridian Home Owners' Association shall be indemnified by the corporation against all expenses and liabilities, including attorney's fees, reasonably incurred by or imposed in connection with any proceeding to which he may be a party, or in which he may become involved, by reason of holding or having held such position, or any settlement thereof. Whether or not he holds such position at the time such expenses or liabilities are incurred, except to the extent such expenses and liabilities are covered by insurance and except in such cases wherein such person is adjudged guilty of willful misfeasance in the performance of his duties; provided, that in the event of a settlement, the indemnification shall apply only when the Board of Directors approves such settlement and reimbursement as being for the best interests of the corporation.
Incorporator. The name and address of the incorporator are: Tom Kassens, 13712 S.E. 256th Place, Kent, Washington, 98031. Executed in duplicate on the 14 day of July, 1978.