What Our Customers Are Saying

Last fall our homeowners’ association, after being self-managed for eight years, started using MyHOA-online for property management services. The transition was very smooth, and the level of communication and support we’ve received from Michael Leighty has been excellent. As the association’s treasurer, I can tell you it was a huge relief to be spared from dues assessment billing and collection this year. We have been very satisfied with the services we receive from MyHOA-online.

-Pat Carter, Treasurer, Vintage Hills Division V Homeowners’ Association

We have worked with MyHOA-online.com for over five years and are delighted with the work they have done for our association. Our Homeowner’s Association is managed in partnership with MyHOA-online.com and without their expertise and day to day business management of the association, this would not be possible.  They are responsible for management of our association website, day to day bookkeeping, production and mailing of our annual dues invoices, generation and sending of notices to homeowners and all day to day clerical business for our Homeowner’s Association. I would highly recommend MyHOA-online.com to Homeowner’s Associations that are looking for a true HOA management partner. 
Tara DeWaele, President, Bifrost Gate Homeowners Association

To Whom It May Concern:
As President of two (2) homeowner associations in the City of Auburn, Washington, we have experienced the services of several HOA Management organizations over the past sixteen (16) years.   Mr. Michael Leighty's organization (myhoa-online.com) is a refreshing change for both of my associations from the standpoint of customer service, cost, real-time access to all homeowner information and financial data, and the almost completely automated handling of day-to-day administrative tasks such as correspondence, invoicing, taxes, legal, banking, and many other back-office operations.  His on-line access, for Board Members and homeowners alike, has considerably reduced the amount of time it takes to obtain information for all properties in a safe, secure, and confidential environment.
All Board and Committee Members for each of my associations are extremely pleased with Mr. Leighty's services and fees, and highly recommend his organization to any prospective clients.
Very Truly Yours, 
Robert O. (Bob) Baggett
Vintage Hills and Riverpark Estates Homeowner Associations
City of Auburn, Washington
206-992-4464 (C); E-Mail: bpbaggett1@msn.com 

I am the HOA Treasurer for one of the associations managed by MyHOA-online.com. I have been using the Financial tracking and reporting website created by Michael Leighty for the past two years. This website has made my role as Treasurer much easier. 
I start by reviewing the Overview report which contains up to date information on how many lots have paid their assessments, how many lots still have account balances, our MTD/YTD earnings and expenses, and balances for our operating and reserve accounts. The budget versus actual information is also available here. I can drill down in to any of the accounts to see payment history.
I then use the Cash Flow monthly view to see the detailed transactions. I track to be sure our expenses are mapping as expected. I can also click to drill in to each transaction for even more detail when needed. 
When I first started using MyHOA-online.com, I would copy all the transactions in to Excel to create my quarterly and annual reports. After validating the information between Excel and the website, I stopped doing the separate Excel work. The website is accurate, updated - so I was able to eliminate the manual reporting work. 
Michael is always working to improve the system. I have suggested enhancements and he has incorporated them into the system. I am a strong proponent of the MyHOA-online.com system and would be happy to share more experiences with those interested.
Carl Scheurman

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Tara Hanley.  I was the President of the Carrington Meadows Homeowners’ Association for many years, and had the privilege to have Michael Leighty as my HOA Manager.  Prior to him joining our Community Team, we were a self- managed group, and struggling to succeed. When Michael came aboard he immediately provided us with the guidance, support, and knowledge we needed to successfully manage our neighborhood, by providing his HOA Online Database.  This alone gave us the foundation to maintain organization and consistency deal with all matters, including a clear understanding of the CC&R’s, and the role of each Board member.
In addition, he would lead routine neighborhood meetings so the community had a face to his name, and was always willing to address the concerns of others.  He aided the Board in the required annual community meeting by providing the legal documents and managing the entire business at hand.
Michael has the outstanding ability to identify each issue at hand and is extremely dedicated to doing the right thing.  He excels at providing a personal touch in all communication with Board members and he truly cares about their success as well.  He spent numerous hours with me on the phone over the years, and was there whenever I needed him for anything.  Carrington Meadows is lucky to have him.
I did move to a new neighborhood, so I unfortunately had to resign from my position, but prior to departing, Michael made sure we had all matters in place so the new President transition would be seamless.
Please accept this letter of high recommendation.  You are welcome to contact me directly, if desired.  My number is 206-849-9998.
Tara Hanley

Our Condominium Community has so greatly benefited, from our decision in 2017, to hire a new property management service called MyHOA-Online.com, that I gratefully offered to provide this Letter of Recommendation.

The services provided are 21st Century, with fully automated online record access and accounting data available to your Board of Directors, and individual personal accounting records for each Owner in the HOA or COA.

As Board President of our 94 Unit Village Square at Lea Hill Condominium Association, the selection of MyHOA-Online.com after interviewing other traditional condominium property management firms, was based on their current customer recommendations, the lower costs, and their state of the art online live accounting information. Their excellent reputation, from their current clients, as a top line HOA property management service, convinced me to ask them to please consider our Condo Association Community as a new client.

The 2017 transition from our prior more traditional condo property management service of 15 years, almost immediately revealed multiple benefits in cost savings, due to the integrated network of service providers that were available.

In our experience, Association Fees, which had been routinely going up each and every year, have actually been reduced for our Owners, because of the better rates and the cost savings generated by MyHOA-Online.com. For example, our Condo Association’s Resale & Lender documentation, for prospective buyers and our current Owners, are now fully automated, up to date, and available upon request by email when needed. The turn around on such requests are same day or the next day, depending on the time of the day the request is received, with no hassle or aggravation dealing with outside service providers for these very important documents.

When describing our Board’s transition experience in moving our business to MyHOA-Online.com, I tried to come up with a simple comparison, like “night and day”, the one that works for me is comparing other tradition condo property management services to a rotary dial phone, and MyHOA-Online.com to a modern smart phone.

As I retire from the Village Square Board, and head into a long-awaited retirement move, I wanted to provide this personal recommendation.

As the Board’s President for the last five years, I strongly recommend the team at MyHOA-Online.com.

Colin Thorpe

Cell#:   206 849 4221


I would definitely recommend My HOA online with Eydie and Michael. 

A little backstory on our HOA is that our previous “management company” only did basic accounting and referred all other issues to the board which consisted of 2 people. We were being charged a large sum with additional fees for any interaction with them and our accounts were not being handled in a timely manner. Our HOA rules and regulations were being ignored and there was no system to hold anyone accountable. 

After I was voted in as president last year and we brought a new board on, we knew management had to change in order to make our HOA better. Eydie and Michael have a good reputation on Lea Hill, and we met with them. 

I have to admit it was a bit scary at first as it would be a big change for our community, but it was for the better. Eydie really knows her stuff and handled the transition. She helped us get current on all our state requirements while also helping to cut our costs dramatically with their cost-efficient management. She also went over our accounts and helped us get better insurance rates and a better landscaping professional. She and Michael helped us understand all the legal jargon within our CCR’s and helped us update our 1969 rules to make them appropriate for today’s world. Eydie and Michael have many connections in the area and helped connect us to the right people, departments and processes to accomplish our goals. 

The MyHOA online web application that Michael developed makes communicating and record keeping a breeze. Logging issues and tracking online is easy and then it’s the management company sending out violations, answering questions, and more, instead of the board. Eydie had an informational session to teach us how to use the website and gave us printed directions to help us as well. 

Our board remains in control of our HOA decisions but it’s nice to have our options presented to us in a way that we understand and to make sure what we want to do is in compliance with our bylaws and legalities. Eydie is always looking for ways to save us money while also keeping high standards. 

To be honest, our HOA was known by the city as a troubled area. With their help, this year we have had multiple people within city positions call out our HOA on our improvements and changes, and we are still moving forward. 

I hope this information helps and if you have any questions you can call or text me at 253-876-5840


Rachael Hahn


Marchini Meadows

To Whom it May Concern, 

I’ve been President of the Marchini Meadows (MM) Homeowners Association for 11 years overall. I took a break for about two years about 4 years ago and then went back on the board.

MM has had four Management companies from 2006. The original was in place by the builder. Then the first board, I was not on the board the very first year I moved in, elected to use a different management company. After many years of good service there was a mutual split as the individual running the company agreed that it was too far to travel, they were up north past Seattle, and the board at that time, myself included, interviewed companies and another management company was hired.

At that time, I decided to take a break and about two years later I came back on the board and the board had removed that other agency and hired “MyHOA-online”.

Since I’ve had 20+ years dealing with Management companies, as president, while I lived in a townhouse and now the 11 years at MM I feel that I can say that MyHOA-online is the best management company I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. 

The reasons that makes them an outstanding company:

  • Communication – they follow through with return calls/messages and emails in a timely manner.
  • Professionalism – Very courteous in relationships with all residents.
  • Fair – When performing their inspections, they are consistent across the board following the set CCR’s.
    • Side note I, as president, received a notice for my garbage can due to confusion with some friends on putting my can away while was on vacation. Oops.
  • Computer tracking for issues.
    • The HOA board are notified about issues via emails and we can log in and review the issues and vote as required for the issues presented and ask questions which are responded to in an expeditious manner.
  • Staying abreast of current Washington State HOA rules via the attorneys to make sure we are complying with WA State Law.
  • Working with realtors to ensure all required paperwork is completed and returned to them for any sales in the neighborhood. It has been my pleasure to work with Eydie and Michael over the last few years. I wish them and Marchini Meadows continued success.


Gregory P. Kitz