Rules &
June 28th, 2011
The following are the Rules and Regulation adopted by the Board of Directors of Riverpointe Homeowners Association pursuant to the authority granted to the Board in Section 4.3 of the Declaration of Riverpointe. These Rules and Regulations supplement the Declaration. If there is a conflict between these Rules and Regulations and the Declaration, the Declaration shall control. Capitalized terms have the same meaning in these Rules and Regulations as in the Declaration. 
We are living in close association with our fellow residents and common courtesy dictates that our actions not infringe on the rights of other residents. These Rules are designed to ensure that each of us achieves the maximum enjoyment of our homes. Each member of the community, whether owner, tenant, or guest, must abide by the standards of the community and comply with the Declaration, Bylaws, and these rules to promote the harmony and cooperative purposes of the community. Each owner is responsible for the compliance of their family members, tenants, and other occupants of the owner’s home while they are within Riverpointe boundaries. 
The Board will enforce the following fine schedule for violations of the Association’s Governing Documents including, but not limited to, the Declaration, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and any decision of the Board:
1st Violation: Warning, unless otherwise provided in specific Rule.
2nd Violation of the same rule: Fine up to $25, at the Board’s discretion, unless otherwise provided in specific Rule. 
3rd Violation of the same rule: Fine up to $50, at the Board’s discretion, unless otherwise provided in specific Rule.
4th Violation or more of the same rule: Fine up to $100, at the Board’s discretion, unless otherwise provided in specific Rule.
Continuing Violations: Each and every day a violation continues shall be considered as a separate offense and will be subject to an additional fine of $5 per day, beginning ten (10) days after the owner is notified of the fine until the violation is corrected. 
Fines are an assessment per RCW 64.34.020 (3). Unpaid fines are subject to late fees as are any other assessments. 
A.  Architectural Control (Article 5)
  1. All exterior changes to structures, homes, fences visible from the street or any lot must be approved by the Board or an Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”).
    1. All structures (including without limitation, concrete or masonry walls, rockeries, driveways, fences, hedges, swimming pools, if any, or other structures) to be constructed or erected, placed or altered within the property, all exterior alterations and repairs of any structures on the property visible to the street or other lot and any construction or alteration of landscaping on the property must be approved by the Board or an ACC.
    2. Written request for all exterior changes must be provided to the Board via submission to the property manager with 30 days in advance of the planned installation or change.

  2. Satellite Dishes and Antennas.
    1. The Board must approve the location and installation of all satellite dishes, antenna, and other exterior additions. The request and approval must be in writing. This provision is subject to Section 6.14 of the Declaration.

  3. Fences
    1. Fences must be of the same style and size as installed by the Declarant.
    2. Request must be received thirty (30) days prior to installation date. Installation may not commence until written approval from the Board is received. Owners shall also obtain any required approvals from the City of Auburn before installation of any new fence.
    3. Chain link fences are not permitted.
    4. Request must include specifications and plans to include: placement, color of stain, materials to be used, installation method and other reasonable information as requested by the Board.
B. Use and Maintenance Obligations (Article 6)
  1. Home and Yard Maintenance.
    1. Owners shall not allow their lots to become overgrown or unkempt. This includes but is not limited to regular performance of irrigation, grass cutting, and weed removal from beds and lawn areas.
    2. Hedges, shrubs, flowers shall be kept in an attractive, neat, trimmed, and pruned condition.
    3. Lawns and beds, including areas in between homes shall be weeded.
    4. Dead plants, shrubs, and trees shall promptly be removed and disposed of properly.
    5. Yard waste shall be disposed of in appropriate containers or in a compost pile.
    6. Adjacent parking strips shall be maintained in a good, clean, attractive safe and sanitary condition. This includes cutting, irrigation, and weed control.

  2. Restrictions on Storage.
    1. No owner shall store any trailers, boats, motor homes or recreational vehicles, motorcycles or trucks over two tons, or any disabled or inoperable vehicles on the property or any lot unless the vehicle is completely enclosed and hidden from view within a garage. Violations are subject to impound at owner’s expense.

  3. Garbage and Trash Removal.
    1. All garbage, trash and yard waste shall be placed in appropriate sanitary for regular disposal or recycling.
    2. Garbage, yard waste, and recycling containers (“containers”) must be closed and secured so that the contents are contained.
    3. All containers for garbage, trash and yard waste may be placed in public view only on the designated collection day. They must be put away after pick-up.
    4. Homeowners are responsible for keeping their yard, and adjacent areas around their home free of garbage and trash.

  4. Animal Restrictions.
    1. No insects, reptiles, poultry or animals of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept in any Home or Lot or on any Private Joint Use Driveway Tract, or on any Common Area, except domesticated dogs, cats or other usual household pets (hereinafter referred to as “pets”).
    2. Pets shall not exceed two (2) per home.
    3. All pets when outside shall be maintained on adequate leash or means of physically controlling the pet.
    4. Pets shall not be allowed to leave excrement on any lot, or any portion of Common Areas.
    5. Any Owner who violates these provisions or who causes unreasonable noise or damage to persons or property shall be liable to all such harmed Owners and their families, guests, and invitees. Damage done by pets will be the responsibility of the owner of the pet to repair. If the damage occurs in a common area, the HOA may have the repairs completed and bill back the owner.
    6. The Board may, after Notice and Opportunity to be Heard, require removal of any pet the Board finds is disturbing other owners unreasonably.

  5. (MIA)
  6. Exterior Add-Ons.
    1. No air conditioning units or awnings, or other projections shall be placed on or hang from the exterior surfaces of any Home unless they have been approved in writing by the Board or ACC. Notwithstanding the foregoing, basketball hoops may hang from exterior surfaces of a Home as long as the hoop is hidden from view from the road located within the Property.
    2. Decorative holiday style lights and decorations must be taken down and stored from public view in accordance with Article 6 of the CC&Rs within fourteen (14) calendar days of a holiday.

  7. Screened Service Areas.
    1. Unsightly items must be hidden from view where they will not be seen from view within a home or garage or within a fenced or screened area where they will not be seen from any Lot or Road. Unsightly items include but are not limited to the following:
      • Garbage and trash
      • Clothes lines
      • Bicycles
      • Recreational Gear
      • Outdoor maintenance equipment
      • Firewood
      • Ladders

  8. Parking.
    1. Owner’s shall not park or allow their guests to park on or over any sidewalks.
    2. Owner’s and guests shall only park on driveways, in garages, or on the street as permitted by Auburn City code. 
    3. Homeowners shall not park in the driveways of unoccupied homes. 
    4. No cars, trailers, boats, recreational vehicles, campers, etc.  shall be parked or stored on lawns at any time.
    5. Auburn City code will apply for all vehicles parked within the streets of Riverpointe. 
    6. Please contact the Auburn Police Department for all parking related issues.