Lea Hill Village Home Owners Association
November 1, 2018

Prior to NOVEMBER 1, 2018, see November 2000 edition pdf link below 


Fine Category Rule/Regulation
L Lawns must be mowed regularly, or as needed, so as not to exceed an overall length of 5 inches (which includes grass, clover, moss, dandelions and weeds).

L Landscaping, personal driveways, parking areas, walkways and planting beds visible to those outside your unit are to be free of excess weeds (no more than 25%) and dead vegetation. You must rake and clean leaves and storm debris within a reasonable time-period from your home’s walkway, driveway and any storm drains on your personal property. All pet waste must be cleaned up promptly.

M You must place an Architectural Control Committee request before building anything in your yard or adding to and/or modifying your property for additional parking.

M No indoor furniture, appliances, or inappropriate items in the yard - front or back. (This could possibly be labeled as an S, depending on nature of item) Cleanliness. Outside areas of homes and the common elements are to be free of debris, unsightly or abandoned vehicles, litter, refuse, discarded personal effects, construction materials not immediately being used, noxious materials, trash, plant or grass clippings, hazardous waste and any other item that detracts from a neat, orderly and attractive appearance of the community.

L Noxious Plants (sticker bushels out of control) are not allowed. They must be controlled so they don't infest neighboring yards or common areas. (This could possibly be labeled as an M, depending on size of plant)

L Garbage cans may be put out as early as the day before pick-up and must be removed from the curb and put away by noon the following day.

M Garbage will not be in and around the yard. It will be disposed of weekly, it will also be stored in an appropriate container with a lid. Lids must be closed securely to prevent garbage from being scattered.

S Dumping unwanted items (or leaving with free signs on common areas) is not allowed.  Dumping unwanted items is against city code. If an owner or resident is proven to have dumped/left items they will be reported to the City, and the Owner of the home will be notified of the infraction from the HOA and/or city and responsible for any associated fees or fines. If the person dumping/leaving the items can be identified, the owner of the home will have seven days to remove items before the HOA will remove the items and forward cost of removal onto the identified homeowner. (Items that could cause immediate danger will be removed immediately with cost of removal forwarded onto the identified homeowner).

M All outbuildings must be submitted for approval by the Architectural Control Committee (requests can be made at meetings, on website or email) prior to any construction. When submitting plans, please Include dimensions and materials to be used. Outbuildings must match color of home or be a neutral shade and must also be inside your property line. Other permits may be required by city or county building departments and are the responsibility of the owner regardless of ACC approval.

M All fences must be submitted for approval by the Architectural Committee (requests can be made at meetings, on website or by email) prior to any construction. When submitting plans, please include exact placement of fence, Materials to be used, fence height. They may be subject to city or county building codes; any required permits must be obtained prior to construction.

M All fences must be kept clean, free of moss, algae and graffiti, and be repaired within 30 days of damage.

M Cars must be parked on asphalt, concrete, or gravel, and not parked for more than 24 hours in any common area designated parking space. Common area parking is intended for temporary use only by owners and their guests. There is no parking on private or common area lawns or any other unofficial parking place not designate by the board. Vehicles parked in/on common area grass or in/on parks or other unofficial parking place will be subject to immediate towing at owner’s expense.  Commercial vehicles may not be stored overnight on premises unless it is limited to one work vehicle per lot that is removed daily to go to work in and does not violate city weight limits for residential neighborhoods.

M Vehicles that appear inoperable must be repaired or removed within 3 days or may be subject to towing. Inoperable refers to expired tabs, flat tires, car on blocks, etc.

M All RV's, boats, trailers, etc. are not to be parked or stored In Lea Hill Village's neighborhood, unless they are stored on the owner’s lot following the above parking rules and additionally are kept in good repair at the judgment of the board, are operable (mechanically and legally) and are not tarp-covered or being occupied at any time while on premises.

L Pets are not to roam free in the Lea Hill Village. No more than 4 pets per household (does not include fish or inside caged animals weighing less than 3 pounds. Pets shall not create a nuisance for neighbors. (This could possibly be labeled as an M, depending on nuisance).  All pet waste shall immediately be cleaned up by owner or person caring for animal.

L All outside holiday decorations, including lights, must not be put up more than 30 days prior to the corresponding holiday. They must also be removed within 30 days after the holiday.

M No fireworks are to be lit except on 4th of July. Fireworks shall only be those deemed legal by the city of Auburn and shall only be lit on private property or public roads. No fireworks are allowed in common areas or private roads. Fireworks debris must be cleaned up within 24 hours of lighting them.

M All painted surfaces must be kept clean and in good repair. No peeling, severe fading, algae, etc. Primary paint color is to be uniform over entire structure. No tarps or “unfinished” or temporary surfaces shall be in place for more than 30 days, to include projects in process, particle board, etc.

M All roofs and gutters must be kept free of excessive visible debris and must be kept in good condition. Keep roofs free of excessive moss. Tarps are to be used for emergency short term use only, not to exceed 30 days.

M All broken/cracked windows must be repaired within 30 days of breakage.

L All driveways must be kept swept, clean, and in good repair.

Business Activities. This is a residential community. You may conduct business activities inside your home ONLY if: (a) no one outside can tell there is a business operating inside the home, whether by sight, sound, smell or visitors, (b) the activity of the business conforms to all zoning requirements; (c) the business does not involve excessive visits to the home by clients, customers, suppliers or other business invitees; (d) the business does not involve door-to-door solicitation of other Owners; (e) commercial vehicles are not stored overnight on premises unless it is limited to one work vehicle that is removed daily to go to work in, and does not violate city weight limits for residential streets; and (f) the business activity is consistent with the residential character of the community, and does not constitute a nuisance or a hazardous or offensive use of, or threaten the security or safety of other Owners. The Board has the sole discretion to decide whether any proposed business violates these rules.

Legend:    L= Lesser    M= Moderate   S= Serious

* All rules and regulations are subject to RCW 64.38.020. See Fee and Fine schedule for applicable fines.



 2000 edition Rules and Regulations