Announcing Online Payment With PayPal

Online Payment With PayPal

A frequently asked question we get is "Can I make a payment with a credit card or pay online?". Now, thanks to PayPal, the answer is "Yes you can!". Introducing online payment through PayPal; the industry leader in easy and secure online payments. If you have an existing balance due to the HOA, the PayPal "Pay Now" button will appear on your personal profile page (right above your HOA payment history). Follow the prompts. In a few easy clicks your payment is complete.

Important: Please be sure to click the link at checkout labeled "Click Here To Complete Your Payment".
This will bring you back to your account page on the HOA website and record your payment as received. Failure to do this will result in a delay in your payment being recorded. If you already have a PayPal account then payment is as simple as clicking the Pay Now button, logging into your PayPal account and completing the payment. If you don't already have a PayPal account then you can easily signup for one when you click Pay Now. The HOA is charged a transaction handling fee of 2.9% of your payment amount. This covers any credit card or bank transfer fees. In addition, PayPal charges $0.30 per transaction. The combination of the two is the total PayPal convenience charge that will be passed on to you. Neither the HOA nor MyHOA-online.com LLC adds any markup to the convenience charge. The transaction fee is not optional.

All forms of US currency and funding sources may be used except eChecks because of the delay in the funds being made available and the potential for the transaction to be declined.

Pay Now is only being offered for a complete payoff. Partial payments via PayPal are not supported at this time. We may make it possible to setup an auto-payment in the future if there is enough interest in it.

For more information about PayPal's usage policies, please see their online help.