Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2022
Via WebEx

1) Call Meeting to Order 6:08 pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

x Michael Leighty
       Warren Tichenor II
      x Don Dunscomb
     x Amanda Kellett 
      x Laura Kitchen
      x Avinash Kasipathy
x Eydie Leighty
 x Iain Furgeson

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from BOD meetings

  1. March 7th and 18th, 2022 minutes approved MSP Motion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously
  2. Ratification of voting report (includes votes done unanimously outside of a meeting) 3/7/22-4/4/22 MSP Motion to approve by Don, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously
  3. Voting Results Report - 2022-03-08 to 2022-04-04
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    Living At Bridges 14305 3/13/2022 Vote 4 Board To Seek Legal On Enforcing CC&Rs On Public Rds N Rewrite Of Pkg Rules
    Living At Bridges 14305 3/13/2022 Vote 4 Board To Seek Legal On Enforcing CC&Rs On Public Rds N Rewrite Of Pkg Rules
    Living At Bridges 14355 3/13/2022 Vote To Set $50 As Min For Del Notices And Late Charges So A Courtesy Notice Can Be Sent 1St
4) Reports of Officers: President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer
  1. Review of Financials Packages/Invoice Billings (Avinash)- Not ready at time of meeting.

    Feb 2022

  2. Status of Accounts - Feb Collections (Eydie)
    As of 3/31/2021:

    Other Pres/VP reports-- Pres. report, see VPs below
5) Property Manager’s Report--VP and committee reports
  1. ACC-
    • ACC actions report: 4 application in March, 3 approved, 1 sent back for more info
  2. Compliance- 
    • Parking issues--parking next to picnic park on 123rd-update, cars are parking there again. 10pm - morning. 
    • Semi popped up again at the second duck pond. Look up the name and contact owner. Usually around in the evening. 
    • Sign in the road on 121st SE Place needs to be removed from the center of the roadway.
    • Last/Next planned walk through- Cathy to continue 
  3. Community Outreach--VP vacancy in this area
    • Welcome activity. Pausing welcome activities until we have a committee or chair again. 
  4. Landscaping and Maintenance- Tansy Ragwort Don and Michael are on top of it. 
    • Don working on scotch broom on 304th. 
    • Paint for graffiti removal-
    • issue 14447 Horse shoe pit to get worked on by Don and Laura
    • Get magnetic Sign for sides of vehicles; "Bridges Board of Directors" from Vista Print for maintenance and Compliance
  5. Security (Warren absent--deployed)- March 29 end of contract flock will be removing, Eydie requested they clean up the mess afterwards as one was left at install.
    • Warren to research other options for the security money savings to augment the Fdub current plan-tabled due to absence
    • Waiting for payment refund from Flock for overpayment.
TMT report: 

6) Old Business
  • Tabled topics:
    • Community art wall
    • Replacement of table in gazebo
    • Painting Gazebo
    • Park rules sign and changes. Include times open, overnight vs park use parking status--no update--tabled until parks amenities are rehomed and added. Eydie to get sign quote and post issue for the expenditure for sport court sign. On hold for playground bids on repairs, will be included. 
    • Rules rewrite for park parking (for park use only) and to include hydrants and any other changes- 
    • Little Park amenity relocation and additions 
  • Playground repairs--difficulty getting vendor response, still working on alternative bids.
7) New business
    • Parking update - parking enforcement on public streets- Legal has affirmed the ability to fine on all roads BUT not tow. Once the management transition is over, we can begin working on making changes to the cc&rs with homeowner feedback, meetings to decide best for all homeowners. Need enough homeowners to want to do the work if changes to the cc&rs need to be done. One reason for this is to stop the vehicles that stay for weeks without movement. Board is open to discussion. 
    • Approve 2020 draft audit- Vote for Michael to sign and submit final copy. Motion to approve by Laura , 2nd by Don, passed unanimously.
    • 1120H for 2021 is done, vote to approve Michael to sign and send to IRSMotion to approve by Laura, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously.
    • 2021 audit underway. Same company, hoping to have it finalized before leaving TMT for ease of fulfillment.
    • Vote to alert homeowners with fences along all perimeter to do any needed repairs by the end of this year so next year the HOA can begin painting Spring of 2023. Motion to approve by Don , 2nd by Avinash, passed unanimously.
    • TMT waiver request received via email, appealed decision, owner thought they had the entire 1st qtr to make adjustments to dues amts. Board declined waiver, again.
    • Management company bids and review. The board had time to review and discuss in depth details of the 2 bids that came in. Laura reached out to 4 management companies, only 2 bidders responded. MyHOA-Online won the bid and will be our new management company. Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd Don, passed unanimously. 
    • April 11 530 pm Bridges is back on the agenda at the city of Auburn regarding annexation. 
    • Laura to email Cathy requesting funds to open accounts, 1/2 operating funds and all reserves.
    • Laura to take over as president on June 1st. 
8) Next BOD Meeting: May 2, 2022, 6 pm, same meeting link as usual
9) Next HOA Meeting: December 2022, 7 pm exact date, time and location TBD
10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously, Michael Adjourned at 7:50 pm.