Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2022
Via WebEx

1) Call Meeting to Order 6:13 pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

x Michael Leighty
x Warren Tichenor II
       x Don Dunscomb
x Amanda Kellett 
x Laura Kitchen
x Avinash Kasipathy
x Eydie Leighty
Old business
 Paylease - board to explore fee's and cover $$ for paylease payments that didn't update new monthly payment.
Eydie gave a report of each homeowner with paylease issues. Went through one at a time to discuss each that came from tmt, the board decided on to proceed on each from Cathy's email March 14.  Board authorized Eydie to reach out to each owner and any other homeowner in the same situation.
Revisited the variance request for an RV to be parked daily in a driveway. FAILED unanimously.
New business
 Discussion about TMT quitting. Requested that MyHOA-Online provide us with a quote to manage. Michael will resign as HOA pres. if MyHOA online is chosen as our next management company. Laura to take on task of getting quotes from at least 3 other management companies.
Get Sandwich boards for all exit/entrance. work on improving communication of board meetings and such.
Vote to combine ARC and Compliance as one section committee as of June 1, Amanda to head up combined committee. MSP Motion to approve by Don, 2nd by Avanish, passed unanimously.
8) Next BOD Meeting: April 4, 2022, 6 pm, same meeting link as usual
9) Next HOA Meeting: December 2022, 7 pm exact date, time and location TBD
10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting MSP Motion to approve by Michael, 2nd by Laura, passed unanimously, Michael Adjourned at 7:28 pm.