Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
March 7, 2022
Via WebEx

1) Call Meeting to Order 6:07 pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

x Michael Leighty
Absent: Warren Tichenor II
       x Don Dunscomb
x Amanda Kellett 
x Laura Kitchen
x Avinash Kasipathy
x Eydie Leighty
x Alexander Hooton
x Corinne Turner
x Angela Dirige
x John Sliwa
x Kris Dissette
x Wes and Nicole Cooper
x Anusha Minnikanti
x Kelly Sesay
x Cody Cibart

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from BOD meetings

  1. February 7, 2022 minutes approved MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously
  2. Ratification of voting report (includes votes done unanimously outside of a meeting) 2/8/22-3/6/22 MSP Motion to approve by Don, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously

    Passed Voting Results Report - 2022-02-08 to 2022-03-06
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    Living At Bridges 13689 2/13/2022 Vote 4Sherr Sale
    Living At Bridges 14093 2/13/2022 Vote To Move To Foreclosure--Acct In Legal With SLP
    Living At Bridges 14077 2/13/2022 Payment Plan Requested $110 Regular Plus $100 Extra Mo 3 Months-No Waivers
    Living At Bridges 14243 2/21/2022 Vote To Pay SLP To Handle Owner Bankruptcy For The HOA $800 flat fee
    Living At Bridges 14290 3/4/2022 Vote To Apply For License Plate Look Up Svc
    Living At Bridges 11646 3/6/2022 Park Floods-Landcr $2285 tax Incl V Rainr Asp $1809-Passed -Revised scope Topgrade $12,783

    Failed Voting Results Report - 2022-02-08 to 2022-03-06
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    Living At Bridges 14083 2/13/2022 Pmtplan Req For $100 Per Mo For $7K+ Debt
    Living At Bridges 14083 2/16/2022 New PP Req For $5000 Settlement And Write Off The Rest
    Living At Bridges 14011 3/3/2022 3/3 Vote On 50% Settlement Offer
    Living At Bridges 14286 3/6/2022 Owner Requested Variance To Allow daily RV Parking In Driveway
4) Reports of Officers: President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer
  1. Review of Financials Packages/Invoice Billings (Avinash)

    Jan 2022:  $4,649 under operating budget YTD. $3,505 over budget in receivables YTD. Net operating income YTD $6,715.

    Balance sheet: $102,200 ttl cash operating; $277,587 reserves; Account receivable (in arears) $24,122 (down from $48K at its high last summer)

    $1500 in resale maint reserve in Jan

    $298 over on office Expenses Jan
    $8,311 spent for legal billed to HO Jan

  2. Status of Accounts - Feb Collections (Eydie)
    As of 2/28/2021:
    Top 10 report (only 6 in legal, 3 headed for legal following $25 TMT demand notice):
    1 and 2: judgements received; 3 is in bankruptcy; 4 defaulted on bankruptcy now obtaining judgement; 5 pending escrow; 6 and 8 $25 demand letters in March; 7 Legal demand letter; 8 is on a legal payment plan; 9 $25 demand letter in March.

    A/R overview: $15.04 to $250 = 52; $251-$659 = 25; $660-$1000=2; over $1000=7
    Aging $: 0-30=$25,857; over 30 = $6,598; over 60 = $2288; over 90 = $11,817  Total $46,561 ($20,704 in arears)

    Other Pres/VP reports-- Pres. report, see VPs below
5) Property Manager’s Report--VP and committee reports
  1. ACC-
    • ACC actions report: 1 application in Jan, 1 approved, 0 denied 
    • Turfs--only 1 is approved, complaince issues
  2. Compliance- 
    • Parking issues--parking next to picnic park on 123rd-update
    • Last/Next planned walk through--Cathy was here today
  3. Community Outreach--VP vacancy in this area
    • Welcome activity--need to go back to August which was last one that Donella did. Michael to pass along closing dates. Pausing welcome activities until we have a committee or chair again  
    • Prospective volunteer to VP/Board position--Angela Dirige needs to postpone, Jeff Stoddard has expressed a willingness to volunteer. Laura willing to be VP over this area if owners will volunteer to head up events. Kelly Sesay volunteered to chair the egg hunt.
    • Santa Costume needs to be stored. Amanda or Michael may be able to store it. 
  4. Landscaping and Maintenance- 
    • Volunteers planted primroses at the monuments for $80 instead of $440.
    • Play structures with loose screws (temp fix until playground folks come do final repairs
    • Irrigation changes at the entrance complete
    • Brightview--Blackberry phase 1 removal complete, will treat for seeds
    • Broken light at Big Park Bridge--asked Cathy for bids
    • White gravel outside owner fence still there
    • New graffiti on 118th perimeter fence, Don reaching out to owners for permission to remove, wire brush tool already paid for itself with last removal on 124th.
    • Chainsaw purchased, used yesterday to remove 2 dead trees, already paid for itself.
    • Shed--don't need as large of one without the split rails $5K should do it instead of the original amount. Eydie to provide Don with the planning dept contact to call in Auburn to see if we can use the sewer easement area. 
  5. Security (Warren absent--deployed)-
    • LPR update, March 29 end of contract flock will be removing, Eydie requested they clean up the mess afterwards as one was left at install.
    • Warren to research other options for the security money savings to augment the Fdub current plan-tabled due to absence
    • F-Dub security update--day patrols are on hold due to gas prices.
TMT report: Still awaiting info about process of removing lien on paid off owners, still awaiting BR process. A lien is now pending removal. Vote to give Eydie discretion on who releases the lien Motion by Don, 2nd by Amanda, Passed Unanimously. New quotes on seal coating came in from TMT for $68,101 and $124,104, our quote was significantly lower and is now contracted at $52,420 and is booked for August.  Still no bids on drainage, vote passed to go with Top Grade at approx. $12,783 to do all 12 park areas at once with trenching. Shall we add this in the reserve study this year since we are saving on the split rails? Vote to add it in and give Eydie discretion on when to do reserve study noted below in new bus.

6) Old Business
  • Tabled topics:
    • Community art wall
    • Replacement of table in gazebo
    • Painting Gazebo
    • Filling in horseshoe pits post-removal
    • Park rules sign and changes. Include times open, overnight vs park use parking status--no update--tabled until parks amenities are rehomed and added. Eydie to get sign quote and post issue for the expenditure for sport court sign. On hold for playground bids on repairs, will be included. 
    • Rules rewrite for park parking (for park use only) and to include hydrants and any other changes
    • Little Park amenity relocation and additions 
  • Annexation updates--Pond vaults (small pond 32-34, large pond over 80) 200 lb lids, need a special crane, Auburn doesn't have 
  • Top Grade bid in at $12,783, passed, it was too much $ to do phases...reserves vs ops? 
  • Draft Audit status for 2020 tax year (2018 and 2019 were finalized). Pending an answer from CPA on a finding from 2020 audit to share with board. Still pending final from auditors with the finding removed as it was explained as just a place holder for the new accounts opened by TMT. Statements from TMT provided to CPA to verify. Audit to be coord by tmt. 
  • Play structures inspection report review, pending bids on corrective measures to include in budget--repairs included in reserve study budget and posts replaced in December. Still awaiting a schedule for the rest of the work. Need to review and approve scope. Just heard back, they are backed up but will get back with Eydie on a schedule.
  • Road sealing--Valley asphalt bid has been contracted for August. 
  • Discussion on what we want management to do going forward. Eydie needs help with responding to owners via email and minutes as well as getting bids occasionally.
  • Shed--need to determine where it can legally be located to not interfere with easements. We need to call the city of Auburn re sewer easement (Action item for Don). Discussion on security for the shed.
  • Don received debit card
7) New business
  • Parking- Original vs New CC&Rs and rules verbiage
  • Parking problems as reported by owners: residents want to park overnight, too many cars from 1 house on street, utilizing neighbors frontage while leaving own open, long term storage, no place for guests to park, street too cluttered and causing safety issues like visibility problems, blocking mailboxes, hydrants and driveways, narrow roads difficult for firetruck and other drivers to navigate, use of park parking lots by residents as personal additional overnight parking places and guest parking during the day as well as by outsiders for drug dealing etc.
    • Vote to consult legal on jurisdiction over public roads MSP Motion to approve by Amanda, 2nd by Don, passed unanimously
    • Plan special meeting for owners to be heard on possible parking rule changes to help define desired changes. Include survey in notice--approve associated mailing costs MSP Motion to approve by Don, 2nd by Laura, passed unanimously
    • Come up with wish list of changes from feedback 
    • Proposed verbiage to legal review and confirm rule change is adequate vs CC&R change 
    • If CC&R change is needed implement process, if rules change, publish to owners with opportunity to be heard at next meeting prior to it going into effect
  • 279 page report from TMT, are the VPs aware of and using the included data?
  • Reserve study, ok to proceed with update and add in the drainage at park? MSP Motion to give Eydie discretion, she will contact the RS folks to see if she can get the info and numbers now so we have more options on which account it comes out of, even if more updating is done later, motioned by Amanda, 2nd by Avinash, passed unanimously
  • Motion to go into executive session, time permitting, to discuss legal matters and waiver requests, board returned to general session for the following votes:
    • Fee waiver requests from Cathy on Feb 2022 mgt report:
      • #1 request to waive hard cost letter charge and interest, $15 courtesy waiver already given. Board reviewed account voted NO unanimously. 
      • #2 request to waive hard cost letter charge caused by failure to adjust monthly pmt. Board reviewed account, voted YES but Contingent on the reply from TMT on the owner vs mgt responsibility for the payment type the owner was using
      • #3 Request to waive NSF fee, owner wrote the wrong amount for his dues so cancelled the payment and did a new one for the correct amount Board voted YES unanimously, contingent on whether it was the owner's responsibility that the charge was incurred as this is a hard charge. If it is found to be owner error and a hard charge it will not be waived. Eydie to research and has discretion based on findings.
      • #4 Requested waiver for late charge, Board reviewed account, voted NO unanimously.
      • #5 Requested waiver because they though dues were quarterly. They have since set up bill payer. Board reviewed account history, voted NO unanimously. 
      • #6 Request to wait all added late fees as they were waiting for coupons to arrive to be able to make payments (no coupons have been used here since Dec 2021). Board reviewed account, voted NO unanimously.
      • Board has directed Eydie to use the same review process they used in executive session during the collection process with TMT to determine when late charges should occur on low balances with special circumstances.
8) Next BOD Meeting: April 4, 2022, 6 pm, same meeting link as usual
9) Next HOA Meeting: December 2022, 7 pm exact date, time and location TBD
10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting MSP Motion to approve by Michael, 2nd by Laura, passed unanimously, Michael Adjourned at 8:24 pm.