Lake Winterwood BOD Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 6, 2022

Location: Elizabeth T’s home

General Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order (Tom C.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum: Leesa S, Tom C, Amanda M, Elizabeth T, Chris Mc, Michael L.

Guests present: Tony Aikens, Dwight Motz, Mike Thomas, homeowners

Special Welcome to our new Board/Officer Members:  Chris McLain, VP Maintenance and Michael Lee, Assistant VP Maintenance

3) Approval of Minutes from May Board Meeting: approved

4) Voting Report; ratify decisions/votes taken since last meeting; ratified

Voting Results Report - 2022-05-03 to 2022-06-06




 May 2022 Meeting Minutes for Board Approval

5) Financial Review March statement:

  • Income/Dues delinquencies: two are three months behind including May
  • Expenses: Escrow fee of $100.  No unusual expenses.
  • Reserve Balance: $72,150.34

6) Old Business

  • Issue 11342: Illegal Activity at Dead End Safety – Board moving forward with gate.  Placement of the gate will be moved to East entrance of sport court.  Next steps: Complete paperwork for Fire Department.  Follow up with vendor, AC Custom Metal Work, verify warranty on work.  Add to budget in July budget meeting (also include in future reserve study).
  • Issue 14420: Request to conceal utility box at large lake – Painting is approved by Utility companies.  Mike T. to get chip from box to match paint color and coordinate painting boxes.
  • Spring Cleanup: Mike T. taking lead.  Chris Mc., Michael L. and Mike T. walked lake to review cleanup items 6/5.  Board decided to reschedule this event due to anticipated inclement weather and give more time to recruit volunteers. Reschedule for Saturday, July 9th.  Email residents of cancelation.  Chris Mc. will create a flyer with QR code that will promote volunteer registration.  Board will place in mail kiosks.  Special thanks to Dwight M. for starting the entrance fence cleaning process!
  • National Night Out –Carol M. researching cost for new banner.  Elizabeth T. has two references for musician/bands to follow up for entertainment.  Board coordinating a checklist of items needed for the event.  Chris Mc. suggested big screen movie night for the kids.
  • Board member opening – filled.  Chris McLain, VP Maintenance, Michael Lee, Assistant VP Maintenance
  • Repair of the shoreline of the small pond caused by the muskrat.  Prior vendor Critter Control changed hands and new bid came in too high.  Eydie suggested alternate vendors Zunex and Purcor.  Tom C. to follow up with B-Line, another vendor.  Tom will coordinate with Chris Mc. to manage this project.
  • Iris infestation: Board to table until winter or receipt of report from city.

7) New Business

  • Address providing a secure website for Lake Winterwood (Resident to present concern):  Tony A. has experience as an IT Manager and voiced his concern with lakewinterwood.org site not being secure.  Typically, the industry standard for all sites to be HTTPS. a secure (SSL) certificate is in place.  This keeps intruders from potentially exploiting the site.  It should not be hard to fix as a single certificate is not expensive.  Michael L. and Chris Mc. have IT experience as well.  Board proposed coordinating a Zoom call with Michael Leighty, MyHOAWebsite Administrator, to discuss possible solutions.  Amanda M. to schedule Zoom call with Eydie and Michael Leighty.
  • Address concerns RV storage rules (Resident to present concern): Dwight M. presented his concern with enforcement of RV storage and storage period rules as stated in the Restricted Covenants and Supplement to Protective Covenants and Architectural Guidelines Handbook.  He requested that the Board review and consider rewording the storage period from seven days before and after to a maximum of three calendar days.  Dwight stated he based his recommendation on conversation with former Real Estate Agent who shared view that the typical HOA restricts storage period to two to 3 days.
  • Review/update Supplement to the Protective Covenants and Architectural Guidelines Handbook (last update September 2004) Board members to review and give input by next meeting in July.  Amanda M. suggested we add the latest guidelines on flag poles. 
  • Annual Meeting: First Wednesday of September, 9/7/22.  Tom C. to reserve Covington City Hall

8) Next BOD Meeting:  Monday, July 11, 2022 at Elizabeth T’s home.

9) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting