NSR HOA - Board Meeting Minutes 6/2/22

Thursday, June 2, 2022

2:30 PM

Attendees:  Joey Jiang, Eric Maggard

                     Eydie Leighty---Mgr, 


Duration:   2:30pm - 3:17pm


Pre-Defined Topics (Agenda):



      1. Overall transition update
      2. Pending tasks - landscaping? Insurance renewal? Reserve study? Budget ratification/ annual meeting?
      3. Ben's ACC request
      4. Violations about trash can clause and overall, how we should deal with violation



Topics Discussed:

Violations of Trash Can, Previous Contention Topics


Response Time required by Board for ACC Amendum / Change Request


ACC - Amended Request for artificial turf replacement for grass front and back yard

  • Request lot owner engage city for validation of approved non-permeable services
  • Pursue Realtor assessment for impact to cost / value of property



Annual Meeting - Target 3rd of Aug

  • Requires 17 days to send notification to properties
  • Date may slip based on Reserve study


Reserve Study - one on site each year

Board Vote:  Implement 3-year reserve study, $43 per households per year approx. 3.58 per household per mo-- NSR Board APPROVED!  


Overall Transition of Management


  • Overall Bill - Invoices of Presidents cost
    • Paid  $700 New HOA Mgmt MyHOA
    • Paid  $550 Back due Landscaping Bill


Invoice 1509 -    pending payment of  $1805.64

Invoice 1439   -  Pending payment of  $878.05  - oct 1st 2021


Action Item Eric Invoice Fancy Plants


Online Registration for MyHOA


Chase Bank as authorized user to accounts - accomplished both of us are setup as auth-users



Approved to change and increase insurance coverage to fusion with new agent Julia Meek please make the Change.  Change Authorized   -- NSR Board APPROVED!