Lake Winterwood BOD Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2022

Location: Elizabeth T’s home

General Meeting

1) Call Meeting to Order (Tom C.)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum: Leesa S, Tom C, Amanda M, Elizabeth T. 

Guests present: Mark Pfitzner, Mike Thomas, homeowners

3) Approval of Minutes from April Board Meeting: approved

4) Voting Report; ratify decisions/votes taken since last meeting;  all ratified

Voting Results Report - 2022-04-06 to 2022-05-03




Approve Meeting Minutes For April 2022




Vote To Approve MYHOA To Sign Engagement Letter And Tax Filing Dx




Acc Paint Color Change-Same Colors Except Door To Be Gray

5) Financial Review April statement:

  • Income/Dues delinquencies: one is three months behind including April
  • Expenses: Tax preparation.  There was an error/discrepancy under the total cost spent for community events because the doggy bags were included in the totals and should have been deducted under a different expense item.
  • Reserve Balance: $71,139.16

6) Old Business

  • Issue 11342: Illegal Activity at Dead End Safety – RFA approved Fire Access Gate on 279th.  Gathering bids. 

Tom C. has received two bids with a $5,000 difference between the two.  Bollards are priced at $400 each.  The gate required is 31 feet across with the need for 26 ft. of fencing on each side.  Going to gather another bid.  Mike T. offered to assist with gathering bid.  Mark P. shared concerns: gate placement – move beyond resident RV/trailer gate access.  Too many people would use personal circular driveway to turn around.  Suggest bollards to block access to pickle ball court.  Board to walk the area and reassess location of gate/bollards.

  • Issue 14420: Request to conceal utility box at large lake.  Tom C. reached out to city representative, Bob Lindscov, and had all boxes identified by utility/vendor.  Options: wrapping, planting shrubs, painting.  PSE is open to the HOA wrapping their box.  Comcast would prefer the HOA plants around the pedestals instead of wrapping them.  CenturyLink/Lumens may have the same preference as well.  Tom C. to look into painting as long as all will allow.
  • Locked Mailboxes: two out of six have been replaced with Locked Mailboxes
  • Neighborhood garage sale: June 4th coordinating with Winterwood Estates.  Board will put signs out to list garage sale for Friday, 6/3 and Saturday, 6/4.  Flyers will go in mail kiosks. LW residents can choose to participate.
  • Spring Cleanup: Scheduled for June 11th.  Details to follow. Board prioritized cleanup list, may need to coordinate outside help for heavy equipment.  Will send out email requesting volunteers.  Flyers will go in mail kiosks.
  • Standing water in drainage ditch.  Report a problem to covingtonwa.gov  One homeowner has filed a problem and city has responded pending review.
  • National Night Out – Elizabeth T reaching out to City of Covington.  Karla Slate to get back to us with details.  National Night Out is scheduled for Tuesday, August 2nd. 

7) New Business

  • Board member opening – Elizabeth T. to reach out to interested candidates, inform them of limited timeline to re-election in September and have them write a statement confirming their commitment to service.  Board will review and confirm interim Board member.  Tom C. is acting President at this time.
  • Earthworks bid for irrigation repair.  Bid came in at $365 (budgeted $400).  Board approved the bid and will move forward with the irrigation repair from Earthworks.
  • Repair of the shoreline of the small pond caused by the muskrat.  Tom C. to contact Critter Control for pricing.  Tom C. to research what was budgeted/spent the last time the service was used.
  • Noxious iris infestation around large lake: Board to review pending city report.

8) Next BOD Meeting:  Monday, June 6, 2022 at Elizabeth T’s home

9) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting