Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
July 5, 2021
On Webex

1) Call Meeting to Order 630 pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

x Michael Leighty
x Donella Perez-Barbarus
x Marlene Creaser
x Louis Tibbs
x Brian Goff
x Chase Van Cleave
absent--Amanda Kellett
x Eydie Leighty, officer
x Don Dunscomb, officer

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from BOD meetings

  1. June 7, 2021 minutes approved MSP Motion to approve minutes by Marlene, 2nd by Louis, passed unanimously
  2. Ratification of voting report (includes votes done unanimously outside of a meeting) 6/8-7/5/21 
    MSP Motioned by Brian, 2nd by Marlene, passed unanimously. Voting Results Report - 2021-06-08 to 2021-07-05
    Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
    Living At Bridges 12596 7/1/2021 Payment Plan Request $942 Bal--Vote On Counter Offer
4) Reports of Officers: President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer
  1. Review of Financials Packages/Invoice Billings (Brian) In May, 1 sale fee for reserves, no fines collected, delinquency admin fee was processed, we did not receive the May data from Samantha, will share it once it arrives. Utilities about the same as usual, increased about $100 for water. 


    TOTAL COLLECTED: $30,009.92






  2. Status of Accounts - June Collections (Eydie)
    Still lots in arrears (53 delinquency notices sent in June vs 91 in April), but consistency of delinquency notice and consequences will payoff over the next few months. One new payment plan was countered, awaiting home owner acceptance after holiday. Those self-opting out of fines and collection fees will continue to get delinquency notices and charges as these are hard costs. Top 10 will be sent demand notices instead of std coll letters this month and then in 25 days be sent to the attorney's office for formal collection proceedings and liens if they haven't already been liened.
  3. Other Pres/VP reports-- No pres. report, see VPs below
5) Property Manager’s Report--VP and committee reports
  1. ACC- (Louis) 6 applications approve, 2 from same person. Metal shed denied and another denied for AC with missing documentation. 
  2. Compliance-
    • no report, VP absent, remind TMT to watch for the move it signs next drive through.
  3. Community Outreach--
    • Newsletter planned for July to go out mid-month due to holiday, Donella collecting Kudos corner contributions, stories on food trucks, Don and his maintenance team, history of "Verdana"
    • Memorial day letter writing campaign results--no letters submitted, save the contribution previously authorized since we didn't participate
    • Nat'l Night Out planning update--Amanda got tamale food truck, Donella trying to get local ice cream truck 5-8, working on other local vendors/sponsors.
    • Tenant info--4 new owners, non are rentals
    • Welcome committee--4 new owners in June, getting coffee cards
  4. Landscaping and Maintenance-
    • Tennis court fence-status--planned for July 8, lock is on the way.
    • Community art project on 124th wall-status- no progress since last meeting, Eydie reached out to a non-profit looking for mural opportunities for their kids, no response, going back to original plan.
    • Blackberry removal bids needed--Don did an amazing report that can be used for SOW and Donella is looking into swapping for goat pasturing.
    • Fence repair bids needed--still pending, high season, discussion on perimeter fence responsibility. Vote to authorize attorney consult on fence responsibility up to one hour. MSP Motion to approve consult by Donella, 2nd by Louis, passed unanimously
    • Moss treatment in lawns status--4x fertilizer per year including moss and weed control to all lawns--Michael inquired on timing, awaiting response
    • White gravel and shelves outside owner fence status--still there and the bedframe too? Per Donella all still there.
    • July/Aug work days--Don
    • Don talked about adding tuff shed and planning for other improvements in next budget--review quote $5-6K to add to budget
  5. Security (Chase)-
    • LPR update--Flock notified us that they were adjusting/checking cams, at north entrance again.
    • F-Dub security update--nothing of note, 1 open door, parking matters at parks
    • No news is good news, the processes are being effective
  6. TMT report: Did walk through with Mike and Don in June, noted items: Landscaper bids requested from TMT, sidewalks lifting from tree roots by Mainvue path. 
6) Old Business
  • Legal demand for assets from J and M update--close matter in legal, will request or subpoena if needed in future as appropriate
  • Main park drainage issues update--2 bids, one to build up path $1809 incl tax Rainier asphalt, one for adding sump--vote sump Landcare $2285 incl tax, discuss for two other flood areas too, failed to get unanimous vote previouisly, need a quorum vote. MSP Motion to approve pending Brian getting answers re sump satisfactory to him (he will let us know when he feels comfortable with the plan) by Marlene, 2nd by Louis, passed unanimously
  • Park rules sign and changes. Include times open, overnight vs park use parking status--no update--tabled
  • Draft Audits status--sent to Chad for review, underway
  • Official HOA FB group, new rules/code of conduct in process status, Nicole is posting it, unsure when it will happen--no change
  • Horseshoe pit removal status voted above--pending the altered quotes to take it to dirt--1 received from All phase, awaiting Tim's
  • North and main entrance no parking requests with city under review--city said no on North but main entrance should be installed by now--Eydie followed up with Erik on the install date, awaiting response.
  • Hardy storage shed review --per Don Tuff Shed the size and strength we need is $5 to 6K
  • Annexation updates - nothing new
  • Michael and Brian now have debit cards for incidentals
  • Rules rewrite for park parking (for park use only) and to include hydrants and any other changes--tabled
  • Gazebo future painting project status--need bids or community work
  • New collection policy status--vote to approve and mail to owners--failed to get all votes for unanimous action before this meeting
    MSP Motion to approve minutes by Donella, 2nd by Brian, passed unanimously
  • Tennis court fencing and latch status--in work July 8 per above
  • Street sign missing at 293rd and 123rd status--ordered, pending production and then pick up
  • Turning street signs for no parking--pending vendor scheduling--add to that moving the no outlet sign
  • Tennis court net purchased
  • Play structures inspection pending vendor scheduling
  • Owner requesting a no outlet sign for his private drive/cul-de-sac. Discussion ensued and vote was taken to relocate an existing sign instead, to serve both streets that are no outlet at 121st pl SE where it now sits at se 297th. MSP Motion to approve relocation up to $300 by Donella, 2nd by Marlene, passed unanimously
  • Vote to approve horse shoe pit removal from lowest bid received to take down to dirt with All phase $297.27 (additional for sod $282.96=$580.23) vs $328.10 down to dirt (571.43 ttl with sod layed) per Tim's. Suggest trying the new vendor for the $9 difference they are general handymen not landscapers. MSP Motion to approve taking it down to dirt now with ALL Phase and revisit seed vs sod in the fall by Marlene, 2nd by Donella, passed unanimously.

7) New business 

  • Blackberry removal by Crystal meadows review of bids received none received yet, have TMT get bids (Don please sent SOW to Samantha)
  • City of Kent maintenance performed from public records--not yet reviewed--no change
  • Irrigation repairs found at start up by VPS, 6 controllers, a valve and some heads $2209 completion pending confirmation 
  • Eydie to step down as officer, vote to have attorney draw up resolution for a board liaison role MSP Motion to approve by Chase, 2nd by Donella, passed unanimously.
  • Vote to appoint Don to fulfill Chase's board position and become a voting member the day chase leavesMSP Motion to approve by Chase, 2nd by Donella, passed unanimously an owner election will determine the remainder of the 2 yr term in November.
  • Eydie notifying CEDCORE to begin on year 2 update to prepare for budget season

8) Next BOD Meeting: Monday Aug 2, 2021 6 pm, same meeting link as usual

9) Next HOA Meeting: November 2021, specific date TBD

10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting MSP Motion to adjourn by Louis, 2nd by Donella, passed unanimously