Lake Winterwood Board Meeting Minutes

Date: June 9, 2021

Location: Virtual Meeting via WEBEX


Board Members in Attendance: Dave C.; George T.; Tom C.; Amanda M-W. (absent Bryan C.) 

Guests: Eydie & Michael Leighty (MyHOA-online.com LLC)

 General Meeting 

1)      Call Meeting to Order: George called meeting to order at 1900 hrs.

2)      Attendance and verification of quorum: All board members present with Bryan C. absent.  No community members in attendance.

3)      Approval of Minutes from May 12, 2021: Minutes approved.

4)      Voting Report re ratify decisions/votes taken since last meeting:  Voting report approved.

Passed Voting Results (none failed) Report - 2021-05-13 to 2021-06-09

Account Name


Date Voted

Issue Title

The Lake at Winterwood



May 2021 Meeting Minutes For Approval

The Lake at Winterwood



May 2021 Exec Session Minutes For Approval

The Lake at Winterwood



Vote To Purchase A Case Of Dogipot Bags Approx $150





The Lake at Winterwood



Diseased Tree Report, Please Inspect For Removal--Vote To Cut Back Branches And Try To Save The Tree

The Lake at Winterwood



Report Of Tree Down In Common Area By House And Overgrown Trees In Owners Yard















5)      Financial Review Statement:

§  Income/Dues Delinquencies: Income less than May somewhat but still ahead on dues collection. 

§  Expenses: Overages and variances briefly discussed with no major issues identified other than a double entry for Irrigation of $314.48 that needed to be deleted for May.  Overall, the budget looks good with a Reserve Balance of $61,981.33 for May.  

6)      Old Business:

§  Activity by cul-de-sac next to big lake: Tom C. explained that we have received nothing from the City of Covington on his earlier inquiry concerning possibly closing access to that dead end or otherwise limiting access to that portion of the street.  Also, briefly discussed the loud noise disturbances or loud booms reported by a homeowner in that general vicinity.  In any case, the board has decided that the HOA has no authority to police that sort of disturbance.  It would be strictly a police matter.

§  Status of Big Lake noxious weed removal and shoreline reclamation: Bryan met with Tim’s Landscape and was told that they could do this type of work.  No proposal received yet.

§  Status of Test approach to killing yellow Iris: George and Tom will proceed as time allows.

§  Weed control in ditches by Earthworks: work approved.

§  Update on sealing and painting parking lot and Pickle Ball Court: Tom reported that the work is scheduled for 7.22.2021.

§  Fire Damage to Upper Deck on Big Lake: George will get bids to do the work.

§  Security Patrols: Tabled pending full Board attendance.

§  Nuisance Black Cottonwoods in Green Belt-behind lot #14, 15 & 16: Dave reported that he received two bids for the work as well as getting the go ahead from the City of Covington to proceed.  The bid from Pacific Arboriculture was approved by the Board.  Dave will contact the company to schedule the work.    


7)      New Business

§  Fireworks Ban from the City of Covington: George will prepare a notification to homeowners.  Signs will also be posted on the mail kiosks.

§  Lake Treatment for algae:  Tom has sent the request for treatment.

§  Trash Receptacles: Lou will include a reminder to homeowners about storing receptacles promptly after pick-up.

§  Drainage problem in large grass area adjacent to the Big Lake: issue tabled for further discussion.     

8)      Next BOD Meeting: Scheduled for July 14, to be conducted in person at George Tantzen’s house.