Lea Hill Village Home Owners Association

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


December Minutes approved.

Received over $8000 in prepaid dues this year.

Reserves $73,066

Operating Budget $117,525

Total Assets $190,591 - not yet adjusted for move to reserves

6 people liened

14 payoffs since last week

9 owe $40 to $250

3 owe $250 and up

14 on bad debt. Rest are current.

Issue 10906 - Jadivan will go over to look at property to see where fence is to be moved.

Carol will talk to Darcy to see if he can work on some minor repairs to the clubhouse. Pre approved up to $200 for him.

Add to agenda - talk  about requiring rental agreement for homeowners.


Addendum to minutes: Votes passed without a meeting, ratified:


PASSED Voting Results Report - 2020-12-09 to 2021-01-12

Account Name Issue Date Voted Issue Title
Lea Hill Village 3087 1/4/2021 Lien Filed--In Collections With SLP-Vote For Last Chance Letter Passed Nov 2020
Lea Hill Village 3062 1/6/2021 SABA Collections Account 446.49/In Coll With SLP For Remainder-Vote For Last Chance
Lea Hill Village 4102 1/12/2021 In Collections With SLP--On PP With SLP--Pd In Full-Address Srch And Coll Recom

FAILED Voting Results Report - 2020-12-09 to 2021-01-12