Bridges Emergency Change of Mgt Meeting Agenda
December 11th, 2020

  1. Call Meeting to Order (President)

6:02 pm: Michael

In attendance: Michael, Eydie, Marlene, Amanda, Louis, Chase, Brian, Laurie, Donella

2) New Business

  1. J&M Resignation
    1. Review of the resignation letter received from J&M on Monday, December 7th, 2020 (Board)

No questions or comments regarding the letter

    1. Review of bids received to date and overview of first impressions, questions and alterations to bids requested by board (Eydie)

Tough to find 3 companies to recommend, least number or severity of problems experienced with each – best of the worst. 

Windermere, Bell Anderson, Management Trust 

Windermere and Mgmt Trust both responded within 24-48 hours, nothing from Bell Anderson 

Windermere – not much thought put into the bid – basically $10/home

·         $3790, more than we would have paid J&M 

Mgmt Trust – used before back during Oakpointe and Richmond American developers

·         Declarant fired because they tried to represent the owners

·         Technology is good – AI, online operations – Mark Mathews, from hospitality industry

·         $1300 bid/month (less than 50% of J&M cost)

·         Run as a corporation

·         Can get us on board in two weeks

·         A team of three will be supporting, not just one account manager

·         They would be in attendance once a year at HOA meeting with community, not at Board meetings (this can be changed if needed)

·         4 site inspections per year, not compliance but checking grounds 

·         Apple app to document/photograph compliance issues that compliance committee can easily access


Board comments:

Louis – no complaints other than location being on east side (Bellevue) – they have historical info regarding our neighborhood – comfortable with this company 

Brian – they don’t work on bids estimated less than $1K, Eydie to follow up with language in contract 

Marlene – comfortable and likes historical reference to our neighborhood 


Vote for mgmt trust:

·         Ask about payments for monthly vs. quarterly but this would not change the vote

·         Bids under $1000 we would like to do ourselves

·         Violation letters need to be included – re-approval by board will be needed if they are not 

Motion by Chase, Louis seconds, Jan 1 transition request. Change of mgmt addressed in letter right away, no payment coupons. All in favor- yes - unanimous

Lower HOA fees possible since their fee is less – we could do a new budget meeting but recommendation is to keep them the same so that we have money available to work on park trespass issues and further fund the reserves as they are already short by $2100 per lot. End of year/next budget meeting convo will occur if there is excess to consider.


    1. Discuss what the board is willing to do in lieu of mgt to reduce costs (review responsibilities and vote on whether we can do ourselves):

Compliance walk throughs are a large percentage of the overall HOA cost today--Amanda and team--once per month and any time in between – more need to be recruited.

Include parking committee in Compliance (Amanda, Laurie, Phil, Cathleen (? name to be confirmed))


Architecture Control Committee (ACC) – Louis is VP 

Question regarding ACC requests that have been submitted to Stacy this week: we'll get the records from J&M so that we have a record of everything


Maintenance (includes landscaping) committee

Motion for nomination of VP Don Dunscomb (Lesley Carr has volunteered as a committee member but not VP, Eydie’s mother as well)

Marlene moves, Chase seconds, all in favor – yes– passed unanimously

Security - Motion for nomination of Chase to be VP of Security in addition to HOA VP. All in favor – yes – passed unanimously

Additional comments:

  • Chase will head it up for now, keep open for others interested – Per Brian, Phil Lalli will definitely be interested.
  • Tone from FB page is a concern to Marlene – needs to be appropriately dealt with – emphasis. Per Eydie admins will work on revision of rules to better enable positive conversations. 

Approve posting all committees on fb and start recruiting by VPs

Eydie will post and everyone needs to provide lists that result – all in favor – yes – passed unanimously

Current committees: Compliance (Amanda), Parking (Amanda), Welcome (Donella), Social (Donella), ACC (Louis)

Social committeeDonella (Amanda, Marlene, Eydie occasionally) Mary Jane – Chase will ask her

Welcome committeeDonella, Eydie to look for who previously was involved as well as posting on FB (updated: Ruben Macapenlac was the one who expressed interest on FB back in 2019)

  1. 118th Basketball park issues (Brian)

Short term solution discussion

Chase – general thoughts – before we start removing, should be addressed directly. We haven’t done anything to address it – enforcing rules, etc.

Change the amenity vs. remove or replace (pickle ball court as an example)

Security can potentially deter some of the non-residents that are currently causing issues

Shouldn’t be permanent solution

Donella – if we close down/remove hoop – will they just move to other basketball court – possible… We can potentially invest in a number lock and residents are given the code.

Suggestion that Chase post on FB page to communicate on changes (As Security VP)

Vote on action to be taken

Move to remove hoop as a temporary solution (until March 31st), Brian seconds, all in favor – yes – passed unanimously

3) Next BOD Meeting:  

January 4, 2021, all nonemergency business needed before then can be discussed in issues manager

4) Motion to Adjourn

7:06 pm