Living at Bridges Board of Director Meeting Minutes


1) Call Meeting to Order 11:06 am (Michael in lieu of President)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

6 of 7 board members present at start: Michael Leighty (ML), Brian Goff (BG), Louis Tibbs (LT), Marlene Creaser (MC), Donella Perez-Barbarus (DP), Amanda Kellett (AK); Chase Van Cleave (CV) was predisposed but joined later at approx 12:15 pm. Homeowners present: Eydie Leighty.

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from 11/13/20

No minutes available, ask Stacy if she took notes from the budget review as only discussions ensued and no final decisions made.

4) Old Business

  1. Nomination and election for open board positions
    The following are the elected officers and positions, effective for one year: 
    Michael Leighty, President (LT nominated ML, 2nd by BG/DP nominated CV, 2nd by MC. Vote was 5 in favor of ML and 1 in favor of CV).
    Chase Van Cleave, Vice President (MC nominated, 2nd by LT, passed unanimously).
    Laurie Powers, Secretary (AK nominated, 2nd by LT, passed unanimously, contingent on her accepting the nomination--NOTE she confirmed acceptance after the meeting).
    Marlene Creaser, Asst. Secretary (LT nominated, 2nd by DP, passed unanimously).
    Brian Goff, Treasurer (LT nominated, 2nd by DP, passed unanimously).
    Eydie Leighty, Asst. Treasurer (BG nominated, 2nd by LT, passed unanimously).
    Donella Perez-Barbarus, VP-Community Outreach (AK nominated, 2nd by MC, passed unanimously).
    Louis Tibbs-VP Architectural Control (MC nominated, 2nd by ML, passed unanimously).
    Amanda Kellett-VP Compliance (MC nominated, 2nd by LT passed unanimously.
  2. Discussion of Board-approved annual budget where it left off Thursday night

5) New Business

  1. Discussion of Board confidentiality and privacy matters (Brian, Marlene and Donella to get board only emails and forward to Michael)
  2. New board email BridgesHOA@LivingatBridges.org
  3. Vote to approve adjusted annual budget (to include security line item): MC Motioned, 2nd by Amanda, passed unanimously.
  4. Vote to have Stacy hold off on installing mailbox stickers, passed unanimously.
  5. Discussion of potential security measures:
    1. Vote to approve 2 year plan with Flock at a cost of $8K per year to begin in 2021 as soon as cash flow allows, (CV motioned, 2nd by MC, passed unanimously).
    2. Vote to approve F-Dub security patrols 3 day per week plan at $695 per month, trying a couple months beginning in 2021 to see if we are happy with results but budgeting for a full year at that service level to be able to continue if the board is satisfied. Vote passed unanimously as part of budget vote.
  6. Vote to have Stacy begin fining again immediately for non-compliance per the fee and fine schedule as Proc 20-51 lifted that stay in August, passed unanimously.
  7. Plans for Santa to drive through the neighborhood were discussed, Marlene to make all arrangements, her student and Donella's step-son to be "helpers" social distancing will be practiced. Authorization to buy candy canes from social budget was approved.

6) Next BOD Meeting:  

Dec 1, 2020 immediately following the budget meeting, at next meeting we will select a regular meeting day for monthly Board meetings.

7) Next HOA Meeting: 

December 2021, actual date TBD

8) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting
      Meeting adjourned at 1:06 pm