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Living at Bridges HOA

Handover Meeting

November 9, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Virtual, via Zoom

Call Meeting to Order

Hosted By: Jim Edinger, Owner of J&M Management, Stacy Legg, Account Manager with J&M Management.

Review of 2020 Financials (Jim):

Profit and Loss & Balance Sheet as of October 31, 2020.

Board of Directors Nominees:

Each nominee given an opportunity to introduce themselves.

  • Saad Chaloob (absent)
  • Marlene Creaser (present)
  • Brian Goff (present)
  • Daniel Greenleaf (present)
  • Amanda Kellett (present)
  • Phil Lalli (absent)
  • Michael Leighty (present)
  • QuynhNhu Nguyen (absent)
  • Kelechi Nwaorgu (absent)
  • Donella Perez-Barbarus (present)
  • Laurie Powers (present)
  • Randy Smith (absent)
  • Louis Tibbs (present)
  • Chase Van Cleave (present).

Vote for Board of Directors

Attendees that have not voted asked to email or private message Stacy Legg, as she is tallying votes

Based on highest votes, the Board will be composed of the following people:

  • Marlene Creaser
  • Brian Goff
  • Amanda Kellett
  • Michael Leighty
  • Donella Perez-Barbarus
  • Louis Tibbs
  • Chase Van Cleave.

Terms of Office

Per the Bylaws, the members of the Board of Directors are to serve staggered terms, and attendees agree to the following:

One year term:

  • Marlene Creaser
  • Brian Goff
  • Donella Perez- Barbarus

Two-year term:

  • Amanda Kellett
  • Chase Van Cleave

Three-year term:

  • Michael Leighty
  • Louis Tibbs

Next Meeting:

Board meeting Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 6:30pm. Working session to work on proposed 2020 budget.

Adjournment: 7:56pm.