Lea Hill Village Home Owners Association

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


1) Call Meeting to Order 7pm

2) Reading/Approval of Minutes no September meeting as there was no quorum 

3) Reports of Officers: President, Vice President, and Treasurer

  1. Denton resigned as President due to move from neighborhood
  2. Jadivan will step in as President until February 
  3. Jim will step in as Vice President until February 
  4. Sandra has advised she intends to resign at the annual meeting.
  5. Budget passed and approved for mailing to homeowners. 
  6. Status of Accounts - Operating/Reserves
    1. $79,065 operating
    2. $87,182 assets
    3. Approved to move $30k to reserves
    4. Tax audit - Sandra talked to Denton at Newman and approved to send
  7. Approved for Eydie to shorten timeline to lien for repeat offenders. If home has been liened previously but was paid off then okay to send lien warning at $240 owed. Third time will send straight to attorney for demand letter. 
  8. Dumping
    1. Approved pickup of trash dumped in common area for $75 fee payable to Tim’s
    2. Approved for Eydie to arrange trash pickup when needed for up to $100 without waiting for board approval 
  9. Issue 10885 fence at end of street near college - agreed homeowners on that road will need to get an agreement written up by a lawyer designating the homeowners as responsible for upkeep now and in future, including for future home sales. Must file with county. 
  10. issue 10410 deck provisionally approved 
 4)Future Business

5) Next HOA Meeting:  

November 10, 2020 7 pm


6) Executive Session if required (Board Members/PM Only)

  • Delinquencies/Aging Report/Fines/Liens (Actions Proposed and/or Taken)
  • Legal actions
  • Homeowner Payment Plans (Status)

  • 10 liens
  • 8 in legal
  • 27 delinquencies
Adjourned at 8pm