Lea Hill Village HOA Meeting Minutes

from virtual WebEx Meeting 7/14/2020


-Meeting Called to order 7:00 7/14/2020

-Eydie, Michael, Sandra, Denton.....There is no quorum currently

-Missing Jadivan, Judy, Jim, and Carol

-Jim Joined meeting at 7:03

-Carol joined the meeting and made quorum at 7:18

-Denton Read June Minutes Sandra Motioned we all approved



Reserves: 119,128

Operating: 49,362

132/186 Homes in good standing


Business Items

-$86,065.62 was the cost for paving

-We have not paid yet as the work is not completed

-Motion to send top debtors 4-6 demand letters.  Denton motioned all present agreed.

-Discussed landscaping and someone dumped yard waste in division 1.  Contacting homeowner suspected of dumping.  It is interfering with maintenance.


-Motion to buy 1 gallon of each clubhouse paint and shed paint for one coat coverage.  Approved by all.

-Denton motioned to find a service for internet service with setup for $800.00.  Two Cameras (Wyze) at $50.00 dollars each.  $22.99 for camera signs.  All board member approved as vandalism to the club house is growing.    https://wyze.com/wyze-cam-outdoor.html

-Striping the clubhouse will be shelved for now.  It was brought up that although it will need to happen currently the parking lot is closed and is not an urgent matter.

-Looking at doing mailbox replacements.  The one that is broken upon entering the HOA through the college side will be our first focus.


Issue Votes

3055 Issue Authorize Garnishment or Sheriff Sale.  Denton motioned all approved

3057 in legal for Sheriff Sale.  Denton motion to authorize a Sheriff Sale.  All Approved

3061 After legal researched and based on age of debt legal recommended straight to foreclosure.  It is a preauthorization.  Denton motioned.  All approved.

4799 House painted red to white.  All approve

10097 (ACC Request) Owner submitted plans but on their last talk with Eydie they said they were waiting for permits.  Board chose not to vote until permits are acquired.

Sandra Motion to Adjourn at 8:05.  All approved