Lea Hill Village

Monthly Trustee Meeting



Attendees are: Carol, Denton, Jim, Jadivan, Sandra, Judy

Guests: Eydie and Michael Leighty, managers

Called meeting to order 7:00pm 6/9/2020

Meeting Minutes read and ratified unanimously from  5/12/2020. 

Confirmed walk through with Tim’s landscape.  Denton will complete it and emailed Tim’s.  Michael will join Denton on the walk if it works for everyone’s schedule.  There are still missing many areas.

We also discussed that next month roads will be completed we are awaiting the final dates. 


Lea Hill Financials

Operating: 45,468.81   Reserves: 117,127.81   Total: 162,596.62


Issue 3087: Vote to have attorney search for bankruptcy then leave with attorney if in BR, if not in BR then file lien.  All approved.

Issue 4799: Issue of house paint resolved.

Issue 9957: fence ACC approved by all

Discussed car being parked on common area by an owners guest, an issue will be opened for it and notification sent to owner, if not resolved other options include a trespass agreement with APD or a tow tag.


Close to staying on budget.  We are at $53,151 when the full year will be $89,280

Talked about Theo coming out and cleaning up all sidewalk weeds and then sending a postcard to residents that they oversee maintaining.


All trustees need to update their issues assigned to them.  We asked to close any issues that are older than 6 months since last violation per the rules and regs.