The following are Bylaws of the Riverpointe Homeowners Association, a corporation organized under the Washington Nonprofit Corporation Act (RCW 24.03, the "Nonprofit Corporation Act"). These Bylaws provide for governance of the Riverpointe Homeowners Association and, among other things, for the maintenance of common areas and the architectural control of the plat of Riverpointe, located in the City of Auburn, King County, Washington ("Riverpointe").
Riverpointe is a residential subdivision located in the City of Auburn, King County, Washington as described in the Declaration and Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Reservations for Riverpointe recorded under King County Recorder's No. 20050816001844 as amended (the "Declaration").
Words and phrases that are defined in the Declaration shall have the same meaning in these Bylaws. The Declaration is hereby incorporated into these Bylaws, and any inconsistency between these Bylaws and the Declaration will be resolved in favor of the Declaration.
These Bylaws apply to the entire Property, as defined in the Declaration. Each Owner of a Lot in the Property automatically, by virtue of their fee simple ownership, becomes a member of the Riverpointe Homeowners Association (the "Association"). All present and future Owners, Mortgagees, and other encumbrancers, lessees, tenants, licensees, and occupants of Lots, and their guests and employees, and any other person who may use the Common Areas of the Property are subject to these Bylaws, to the Declaration as it may from time to time be amended, and to the rules and regulations pertaining to use and operation of the Property.
Section 1.1: Membership
Section 1.2: Number of Votes
Section 1.3: Voting by Multiple Owners
Section 1.4: Voting Representative
Section 1.5: Voting by Proxy; Pledged Votes to Mortgagee
Section 1.6: Persons Under Disability
Section 1.7: Register of Members
Section 2.1: Place
Section 2.2: Annual Meeting
Section 2.3: Budget Ratification
Section 2.4: Special Meetings
Section 2.5: Notice of Meetings
Section 2.6: Quorum
Section 2.7: Adjournment of Meetings
Section 2.8: Majority Vote
Section 2.9: Order of Business
Section 2.10: Parliamentary Authority
Section 3.1: Number, Term, and Qualifications
Section 3.2: Powers and Duties
Section 3.3: Vacancies
Section 3.4: Removal of Directors
Section 3.5: Compensation
Section 3.6: Regular Meetings
Section 3.7: Special Meetings
Section 3.8: Waiver of Notice
Section 3.9: Quorum
Section 3.10: Open Meeting
Section 4.1: Designation
Section 4.2: Election of Officers
Section 4.3: Removal of Officers
Section 4.4: President
Section 4.5: Secretary
Section 4.6: Treasurer
Section 4.7: Other Officers and Employees
Section 4.8: Compensation
Section 5.1: Committees of Directors.
Section 5.2: Other Committees.
The Association shall as and when it deems necessary, establish the necessary accounts to provide properly for the operation and maintenance of the Common Areas. Overall superintendence of these funds shall be the responsibility of the treasurer of the Association.
The Board shall cause to be kept complete, detailed, and accurate books and records of the receipts and expenditures of the Association, in a form reasonably approved by the Board. The books and records, authorizations for payment of expenditures, and all contracts, documents, papers, and other records of the Association shall be available for examination by the Owners, Mortgagees, and the agents or attorneys of either of them, during normal business hours and at any other reasonable time or times.
At any regular or special meeting after the Transitional Meeting, these Bylaws may be amended by members holding a majority of the votes in the Association and such other approvals as may be required in the Declaration.
The foregoing Bylaws were adopted on the 9th day of August 2005, by Consent in Lieu of Organizational Meeting of the Director of Riverpointe Homeowners Association.
7/21/2005: Initial Version