a Washington Non-Profit Corporation 
Section 1: Annual Meeting
Section 2: Special Meetings
Section 3: Place of Meeting
Section 4: Notice of Meetings
Section 5: Quorum
Section 6: Method of Voting
Section 7: Voting by Certain Members
Section 1: General Powers
Section 2: Election of Directors
Section 3: Change In Number, Tenure and Qualifications
Section 4: Election
Section 5: Regular Meetings
Section 6: Notice
Section 7: Quorum
Section 8: Manner of Acting
Section 9: Open Meetings
Section 10: Removal
Section 11: Vacancies
Section 12: Architectural Control
Section 1: Number
Section 2: Election and Term of Office
Section 3: Duties
Section 4: Removal
Section 5: Vacancies
Section 1: Contracts
Section 2: Loans
Section 3: Checks, Drafts, Deposits, etc
Section 4: Officer and Director Compensation
Section 5: Financial and Other Records
Section 6: Budget
Section 1: Waiver of Notice
Section 2: Informal Action by Members or Directors
Section 1: Appointment
Section 2: Duties and Status
These Bylaws may be altered, amended, or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by the affirmative vote of a majority of the board of directors at a meeting called for that purpose.
The foregoing was adopted as the Bylaws of Woodbrook Homeowners' Association at the first meeting of directors held on July 29, 1999. 

7/29/1999: Initial Version