Eagle Point at American Lake Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Eagle Point Lodge/Clubhouse


February 6, 2022 

1:00 – 4:00 PM


Reading and Approval of Minutes


Non-Board Member Remarks


Status Report by MyHOA

·         Update on new management. Status report and discussion of any general issues.

·         Registration and use of website


New Business

·         Issue 14016: New dollar amount to charge for RV spaces.

·         Issue 13882: Remove assessment potentially in error for RV lot.

·         Issue 13828: Allow manager discretion on issuing violation courtesy letters.

·         Issue 13835: Allow manager discretion on late fees under NWP, case-by-case. 

·         Vote to authorize a single waiver of late fee for members with exemplary record of payment.

·         Vote to change reserve study company

·         Vote to change insurance policy and carrier.

·         Survey results and draft rules on golf carts and parking issues. 

·         Lodge repair – Review bids on repair of gutter system and rot problems. Vote on purchasing fascia and work party doing the replacement

·         RV Lot – Review new contracts, fee structure, etc. Announce Scott Nelson as overseeing the lot.

o    Need to vote on new fee structure (see issue 14016, above).

·         Consider Agency agreement with Lakewood police (allows Lakewood Police to arrest and prosecute trespassers).

·         Purchase cameras and recorder for gatehouse. 

Executive session to discuss legal matters regarding management and collection measures

Reconvene open session, Vote on issues from Executive Session

New Business as time permits

·         Display of U.S. flag.

·         Loose piling on floating dock.

·         Tree trimming – Boundary St., 2022 or 2023?

·         Removal of old pier poles/pilings in lake, in front of boat launch.

·         Street stripe painting – Lodge parking lot, street leading to and cul-de-sac at boat launch.

·         Replace deteriorated/illegible signs.

·         Other???


 Schedule special members meeting for late April/early May