Living at Bridges HOA
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
June 7, 2021
On Webex

1) Call Meeting to Order pm (Michael)

2) Attendance and verification of quorum

Roll call:

Michael Leighty
Donella Perez-Barbarus
Marlene Creaser
Louis Tibbs
Brian Goff
Chase Van Cleave
Amanda Kellett
Eydie Leighty, officer
Don Dunscomb, officer

3) Reading/Approval of Minutes from BOD meetings

  1. May 3, 2021 
  2. Ratification of voting report (includes votes done unanimously outside of a meeting) 5/4-6/7/21 
    (insert report here)

4) Reports of Officers: President, Vice Presidents, and Treasurer

  1. Review of Financials Packages/Invoice Billings, Operating/Reserves  (Brian)
  2. Status of Accounts - Collections (Eydie)
  3. Other Pres/VP reports
5) Property Manager’s Report--VP and committee reports
  1. ACC- 
  2. Compliance-
    • Scheduling and process update
    • Outstanding issues
  3. Community Outreach--
    • Newsletter planned for July, Donella collecting Kudos corner contributions, stories on food trucks, Don and his maintenance team, history of "Verdana"
    • Memorial day letter writing campaign results
    • Nat'l Night Out planning update
    • Tenant info
    • Welcome committee
  4. Landscaping and Maintenance-
    • Tennis court fence-status
    • Community art project on 124th wall-status
    • Moss treatment in lawns status
    • White gravel and shelves outside owner fence status
    • June/July work days
  5. Security-
    • LPR update
    • F-Dub security update
  6. TMT report: none 
6) Old Business
  • Legal demand for assets from J and M update
  • Main park drainage issues update--2 bids, one to build up path $1809 incl tax Rainier asphalt, one for adding sump--vote sump Landcare $2285 incl tax, discuss for tow other flood areas too
  • Park rules sign and changes. Include times open, overnight vs park use parking status
  • Draft Audits status
  • Official HOA FB group, new rules/code of conduct in process status
  • Horseshoe pit removal status
  • (Adjourn to Exec session for discussion/updates and return for any votes) regarding expenses in 2020 
  • Tracts still in Kent 160 name status
  • Playground painting bids Basketball hoop status at little park too approx. $4K for all--budget for next year.
  • Tennis court striping by Oakpointe completed
  • North and main entrance no parking requests with city under review--should be installed by now--confirm
  • Hardy storage shed review (Don)
  • Annexation updates - nothing new- expect a new plan from Oakpointe this fall for the 2022 planning session (Eydie)
  • Michael and Brian added to the bank accounts to get a debit card for these expenses so we don't have to out out our own money up front going forward--status/updates (had to be redone)
  • Rules rewrite for park parking (for park use only) and to include hydrants and any other changes. 
  • Gazebo future painting project status
  • New collection policy status
  • Tennis court fencing and latch status
  • Street sign missing at 293rd and 123rd status
  • Little park trespass matter in May, 3 patrols dispatched, owner threatened by outsider, hoop take down again per pre-authorization--to move to big park in 2022

7) New business 

  • Blackberry removal by Crystal meadows review of bids received none received yet, have tmt get bids
  • City of Kent maintenance performed from public records--not yet reviewed
  • Review water over path bids from TMT Vote on path buildup or sump resolution in main park --Landscape enhancement sump for $2285 vs Rainier $1809 to build up asphalt
  • Vote to approve irrigation repairs found at start up by vps, 6 controllers, a valve and some heads $2209
  • Vote to approve price adjustment on economy fence quote, the bid had to be adjusted due to supply cost changes. It was only good for 30 days, it is now $2420  instead of the original $2275, it is still far lower than the other bid at $9k and both are expected to continue to climb as supply costs rise.
  • Vote to replace street signs  (at 293rd and 123rd) with spectrum, same cost as last set $426 vs zumar d-i-y $242
  • Vote to have spectrum turn the rest of the no parking signs and recement two poles 
  • Vote to purchase tennis court net $110
  • Vote cancelled to approve BB court sign and install costs--Don and Brian to DYI $68ish sign--no longer needed due to hoop being taken down again, do we need at sport court?
  • Kent maintenance preformed by dam including removal of rotten split rail--split rail around ponds put back up by Kent
  • Vote to have all 4 play structures inspected WCOS $2823.60 or have TMT get other bids

8) Next BOD Meeting: Monday July 7, 2021 6 pm, same meeting link as usual

9) Next HOA Meeting: November 2021, specific date TBD

10) Motion to Adjourn Regular Meeting  pm